Historical Treasure

Believe it or not, but the Middle East was once the leading supplier of a resource that helped fuel today’s modern world. These items led the trade market years ago and were guarded by only the wealthiest of suppliers. I’m not referring to silver or gold. If fact, these items were so treasured, that their […]

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Incendies Review

Based upon a suggestion from a fellow blogger, I recently watched the Canadian film Incendies, directed by Denis Villeneuve. The feature follows a pair of fictional twins, Jeanne and Simon, on their journey to discovering their deceased mothers mysterious past. Throughout the film are flashbacks of the mother life as an Arab Christian in the […]

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The Angel of Kobane

Her name is Rehana. She is not just a girl, but she’s a brave warrior. She fights alongside the Kurds and protects her people from ISIS, killing over 100 IS terrorists in Northern Syria. In her famous picture she wears a smile, a peace sign, and a military uniform. Rehana’s image has exploded across social […]

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A Magic Carpet Ride

We’ve all watched the famous Disney film where Aladdin steals Jasmine’s heart as he “shows her the world” on his magic carpet ride. Although there is no such thing as a flying magic carpet to sweep a special someone off their feet, the value and tradition of Persian carpet making can be dated back to […]

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Le Haim or Fe Sahetek?

If you have ever been to a big city like New York, Miami, or Los Angeles, there is nothing as surreal, glorious, and overwhelming as the city and it’s nightlife, especially when you come from a more rural state like Ohio. This got me thinking about possibilities of a “city that never sleeps” in the […]

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A Culture, not a Costume

Ohio University has a well-known reputation for having one of the largest Halloween celebrations in the United States, and yes, the pressure of a perfect costume is oh so real. Every year around this time, I scramble to come up with a costume that’s original and entertaining. As I browsed the web last week for […]

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Abortions and the Middle East

Abortion has always been a prohibited discussion in public school. Anytime we had to report on current issues, teachers always pushed that abortion was “too controversial” and “already been done too many times before”. Ironically, I can’t think of a single time when abortion was an open discussion within the classroom. Even when it wasn’t […]

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