New America; in my eyes!

I must admit, that even though I always considered myself as very open-minded to society, I had a re-conception about Americans before I actually went there. Perhaps because I dislike the way America handles the region and the problems, and maybe because I am too attached to the Palestinian cause and America supports Israel, that […]

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Marathon Beirut: more than running

One of the most successful events that has been held in lebanon over the years was the Beirut International Marathon.  Since its first organisation in 2003, until recently, in 2012, the BIM has been growing and attracting more people and runners from different countries all around the world.   The numbers of runners increased significantly […]

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University Scenes

What makes the huge difference between Lebanese-universities and foreign –specifically American- universities in Lebanon? Despite being located in the same country, and being adaptable to accept all sorts of students, yet we find different scenes in different university, in accordance with the identity of that certain university. Lebanese universities tend to have pourer supplies, perhaps […]

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Journalism in a blog

Each person has his own views on certain matters, and wants to give his opinion over it . nowadays its very obvious that the media lost its credibility for that people tend to look for other ways to express their views without pressure from any side , and publishing an article in a newspaper would […]

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Syria and Lebanon Connected Even at Time of Revolution

At the beginning the Syrian revolution was supposed to improve the govermental system . most of the lebanees people support this revolution specially when the revolution was peacful. With time the initially peacful demonstractions turned into bloody violent riots against the general population and became a civil war between sunni and alawi . being a border country to Lebanon, the syrian revolution […]

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