Peace through Play

In the United States, many children start to play sports at a very young age. As early as 5 or 6, American children are thrust into sports like soccer, football, tennis, basketball, softball, baseball, and more. Team sports are especially emphasized for young people, because they teach you important skills and valuable lessons about the […]

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Jerusalem’s Significance

The city of Jerusalem is significant in a number of ways to many Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It is holy for the three monotheistic religions because of the religious significant events that took place there. Although Jerusalem is unique, it’s important to why it’s significant to different types of religion. Significance of Jerusalem to Jews […]

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The Other Son

The Other Son  Last summer my Nana and I saw a movie called The Other Son. I was a bit skeptical at first because all I knew was the movie was in subtitles but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Before watching this movie I was very uneducated on much of the conflict in […]

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I Shall Not Hate

“I shall not hate” is a book by Izzeldin Abuelaish that talks about his experience with the Israeli-Palestine conflict. He is an infertility doctor that travels back and forth from Israel, where he works, to Gaza, where he lives. He talks about the immense difficulties of crossing the border and how many times he was […]

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Israel’s Stance Against the Ultra-Thin Ideals of the Fashion/ Advertisement Industry!

This summer I interned for a high fashion photographer Alexei Hay who had recently converted to be a Modern Orthodox Jew. In the span of a couple months I didn’t only learn about photography, but also about how to live a holy life following Judaism. Many in the industry found themselves puzzled when finding out […]

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Seeds of Peace

Every summer, children from conflict regions all over the world come together on a lake in Otisfield, Maine, USA. They come to join a camp called Seeds of Peace. The main goal of Seeds of Peace is to “give rise to new generations of leaders uniquely inspired and equipped to build lasting peace.” This summer […]

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Halloween in the Middle East

As HallOUween (Ohio University’s Halloween Block Party) is quickly approaching, I’ve been wondering what Halloween is like in the Middle East and if it is even allowed. Halloween started out as a pagan holiday in Ireland, known as the Celtic Festival of Samhain, which was observed on October 31st. It was said that, “the souls […]

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Extra, Extra, Read All About It

This past week, I was in Washington D.C., for a national conference. Not only was I meeting people from all around the U.S. at this conference, but I was also exploring D.C. and submersing myself into new cultures, food and experiences. My favorite experience was by far my trip to the Newseum. As a journalism […]

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The Dead Sea Brings Life

What is the first place that comes to mind when thinking of destinations to travel to? I’m sure for many people the Middle East does not jump out at them as a beautiful, relaxing place to vacation. The Middle East is often directly associated with turmoil and war, but in reality there are several breath-taking […]

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A Will to Peaceful Coexistence: Sweden to Recognize Palestinian State

Ever since the killing of three Israeli teens in the West Bank in June and the subsequent airstrikes and violence in the region, the eyes of the world have been focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and for months, world leaders have been contributing to the ongoing global discussion about the crisis. One such leader is newly-elected […]

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Arab Idol: More than Music

The world is fascinated with music. It’s one thing that gives everyone the capacity to express their stories and emotions. It is through this shared connection to music that singing competition shows have risen to such great popularity. We watch contestants on these shows that inspire and entertain us, and by voting, we are able […]

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Women in Green

Women in Green is one of the many grassroot movements that has evolved in Israel. Originally called Women for Israel’s tomorrow, the nonprofit organization was named because of the green hats are often seen wearing. It was started in 1993 by a couple, Ruth and Michael Matar, who were dedicated to maintaining the historic, religious […]

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Egypt Leaving a Mark

Egypt may be the unlikely winner of another round of conflict between Israel and Gaza that killed more than 100 people and caused major destruction. A speculative ceasefire was announced in Cairo where the Egyptian government played a major role. President Mohammad Mursi was a key player in brokering the ceasefire last week, even after […]

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