Hussein: A Shia Legacy

Most people do not realize that Islam is a rather diverse religion. Like Christianity, there are different sects of Islam. The two largest sects and most cited by American media, are Sunni and Shia. Although the two sects share similarities, they also have profound differences. The one difference I want to focus on is the […]

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Palestinian Conflict Poetry

Protest Poetry of Palestine Going along with my research theme of peaceful Palestinian resistance, this week I delved into the conflict poetry stemming from Palestinian exile, diaspora, current situation, and distress of a people who have lost much more than just land. Poetry, and its reading, is huge in most Arab nations, even more so […]

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Musical Intifada? Shadia Mansour: “First Lady of Arab Hip Hop”

With Israeli occupation comes Palestinian resistance; however, this does not always translate into violent conflict. The “First Lady” of Arab hip hop, Shadia Mansour, sees her lyrics and rise to popularity as a “musical intifada” of its own. She uses cultural means to gather support and awareness for her political goal: ending Israeli occupation and […]

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To Veil or Not to Veil?

To veil or not to veil? That is the question facing many Arab women and policy makers across the globe. The issue of whether veiling is oppressive has prevailed in media, state policy, and Islamic discourse since colonial times. However after doing some research, I realized that the overarching problem is not the veil itself but the inability for women to choose whether they wish to wear the veil….

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