From Trash to Treasure

As a part of my Saturday afternoon, I decided to indulge in a much needed shopping spree-to the thrift store. At this point in my life, thrifting has practically been embedded into my bones. Ever since I was a little girl, my parents had been taking my sister and I on adventures to find the […]

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From Ground to City

Aesthetics. As human beings, we crave things that have the ability to grab our attention. We like to see people, places, and structures that are visually appealing. When I think about this word, I recall my last trip to NYC. It was 7AM and I was sitting on the bus, about to arrive into the […]

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Beauty and the Beach

With the cold, dreary days arriving upon us in Athens, I find myself dreaming of the warm sun’s rays grazing upon my face, as the sound of waves dancing along the shoreline soothingly drifts through my ears. While I have visited many beaches over the past few years, the treasured beaches in the Middle East […]

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Coffee Shop Bucket list

As a student at Ohio University, I have personally spent the past year exploring various places on campus where I am able to sit down and relax. Having a work friendly environment is only an added bonus.  For me, the place that contains all of these elements is Donkey Coffee. Anyone who has had the […]

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A Tour of Kashan

City of Kashan When most people hear the term “Desert”, a visual of dry land, scorching heat, and scarcity often comes to mind. While in some places this image is mostly accurate, the city of Kashan is anything but. It lies amongst the central deserts in Iran, and is one of the first riveting destinations […]

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1, 2, or 10 Servings! All for You!

Arab Hospitality Imagine diverse cuisines delivered to you in the utmost preparation, with the only expectation being that you willingly accept them. To many, this may seem like an occasional occurrence, but as a guest within Arab culture it is a typical routine. Negative stereotypes are commonly placed upon people in the Middle East and […]

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