Israel Preaches Hate to Children

Whenever you see an Israeli official on TV or in a newspaper they’re always claiming their war on Arabs is purely to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East area. When it comes to western media, Israel is almost always shown as the peace keepers of the Middle East and waging humanitarian wars on uncivilized anti-Semitic people who are violent and cannot be trusted.

But where is the truth to that? We all remember the pictures from the 2006 war on Lebanon where Israeli children wrote “From Israel with love to the children of Lebanon” on missiles which were fired on places such as Ana, the southern village in Lebanon were some 60 children, orphans and disabled children were killed.


Professor Daniel Bar-Tal of Tel Aviv University studied 124 elementary, middle- and high school textbooks on grammar and Hebrew literature, history, geography and citizenship. His study showed that Israel teaches its children that Arabs are evil, hostile, deviant, cruel, robbing, killing rage machines who cannot be civilized.

Bar-Tal’s study showed said: “Hebrew-language geography books from the 1950s through 1970s focused on the glory of Israel’s ancient past and how the land was “neglected and destroyed” by the Arabs until the Jews returned from their forced exile and revived it “with the help of the Zionist movement.”

If this has been the issue since the 1950s and maybe even before, where do you think the Arab hatred towards Zionism came from? To many of you who don’t know, there are vast Jewish communities living across the Arab world and even in Muslim countries just as any citizen would. Arabs where never taught to hate Jews but the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict has made the life of Arabs so hard, not only in their war engaged countries, but across the world, that they cannot feel but hatred against Zionism.


The magnificence of children is their innocence, the inability to hate. Many kids who were away from hatred have manage to grow to become criminals and cold blooded killers, then what’s to expect from people who were raised to hate. If religious fanatics are so attached to their beliefs because that’s what they been raised to know or racists because their parents felt strongly towards racial differentiation, what’s to be expected from little children raised around weapons and missiles signings?

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4 thoughts on “Israel Preaches Hate to Children

  1. Educations should be (in a perfect world), universal and unbiased. But alas we see in all societies that an education is weather purposely or not purposely being skewed but personal viewpoints. A hatred for Zionist should not be taught. Instead an understanding of history and conflict, mixed with discussion would be more appropriate than allowing history and “ancient past” to dictate the minds of children.

  2. You depicted the beauty of children spot on when you referenced the term ‘innocence.’ This innocence is fragile however. Innocence is a temporary state; it is taken away when education replaces it. The fragile aspect comes in when choosing what education and truth is going to replace the naive thinking. In this case, it is a terribly unfortunate event that rather than a mindset grounded in understanding and mutual respect, it is grounded in haste and violence, surrounded with weapons. Countries are trying to reach a peace in their current state and relieve the tension and pain many have grown up with. The focus is now, but what about the future? These children are what that future will look like. In order for change to be implemented and permanent, the children of these nations need to be given values rooted in peace and understanding. It is disheartening to hear that the innocence is being wiped away by weapons and violence. Even though they are teaching about the glory of their past, these children will only remember violence if this continues onward.

  3. In the US, I agree that many people think of Israel as a ‘peace keeping’ country that tends to stay away from violence and stick to themselves. On the news, we usually hear about large scale attacks and bombings, which are usually occurring in other places in the region. I don’t know much about Israel or the Israeli education system, but if your facts are correct about what they teach their children, they can only expect turmoil in the future. Children are the key to the future, and if people are teaching their children hatred, especially towards another country or group of people, one can only expect violent outcomes in the future. Until all of the countries in the Middle East can be on good terms with one another, there will continue to be violence. A good way to promote good ties between these countries would be to start instilling these ideas in children, who ultimately will have a great impact on the future.

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