Lives Lost, and Lost Lives

As I search for a blog topic to write about each week, my heart never fails to ache as I read endless articles on the people being effected by the Syrian conflicts. Two BBC news articles struck my attention this week; both having a common theme of Syrians being unable to have their old lives […]

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The Power of Foreign Language

After reading and agreeing with one of my classmates, Jack McNenny, blog on the lack of foreign language in our schools, I became interested in how countries throughout the Middle East implement foreign language throughout their education, and how it differs from the United States. But They’re Just Children.. Americans tend to view the concept of […]

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One Word: EPIC

Epic (adjective): very great or large and usually difficult or impressive. It is a word used to describe something that has the potential to blow or alter ones mind. While according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary this definition stands fairly accurate, words will always obtain different meanings to different people. “Epic” is the name of an […]

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Booze and Breakfast

Homecoming at Ohio University is an event that takes place every fall. The campus lights up with school spirit and festivities allowing everyone to showcase their love for the school. As an OU student, it is almost considered a part of our culture to join in on some sort of activity during Homecoming weekend. The […]

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Holy Fig!

Dated back to roughly 1000 BM (Before Moses), a fresh, high protein fruit was discovered in the Middle East, called the fig (“Ancient Figs of the Holy Land”). Figs can be traced back to and are still currently found in the countries of Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Interestingly enough, there are male, caprifigs, and female, […]

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Education? Or A New Home?

Between the months of August and September, school commences across the globe. Students are packing up their belongings and waving goodbye to their parents as they are off to explore education. Children are on their way to becoming teachers, doctors, architects, lawyers- an endless amount of possibilities. One may think that having access to quality […]

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