The Wonderful Art of HENNA!

Have you ever gotten a henna tattoo while on vacation or at a festival? Or have you ever consider what henna signifies in other cultures? From an American standpoint, I have always viewed hennas as an opportunity to get a “temporary tattoo” that last a few weeks. However, in the Middle East, henna signifies so […]

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The World Expo is basically a major World Fair that anyone can attend. Every five years a World Expo occurs in some wonderful city around the world. To be a host, a country must submit an extensive candidacy application that details their proposed theme, environmental impact, finances, locations, dates for the expo and much more. […]

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‘Inciting debauchery’ ‘Satanic ceremony’ ‘Humiliating’ ‘Angers God’ ‘Violates public decency’ ‘Insulting public morals’ ‘Sexual deviance’ Listed above are various phrases used to describe a video that went viral of an alleged same-sex marriage on the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt. Eight men have been sentenced to three years in jail and possible probation once the […]


Sneaky ISIS, Very Sneaky

Deadly weapon: Propaganda ISIS is taking over social media and recruiting men and women from all over the world, especially Westerners. How are they gaining so much support? Well, it’s quite simple. ISIS is very smart about who and how they are targeting Westerners. They use emotional appeal and cult-like deception to persuade young Muslims […]

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Refugees in the Middle East

Throughout the Middle East refugees are fleeing for their lives to avoid persecution in their home countries. There are some organizations in place to assist refugees, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). However, these organizations are very limited in resources, and therefore are not able to save all refugees. UNHCR is […]

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