Experience of a Lifetime: Reflection on GLC/LIU International Exchange

It’s been about a month since our newly acquired Lebanese friends traveled to Athens, Ohio in an international exchange, emerging themselves in our “American” culture as well as sharing their Lebanese culture with us. Although we miss the eight passionate LIU students and one motivating professor, we still continue to stay in touch through social […]

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Missiles Galore

Although thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip (12,000 rockets since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005), violence recently escalated to an extreme high with the assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, the leader of Hamas’s military wing, by an IDF air strike. Ahmed’s death remains a victory for the […]

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Four More Years Of…

The U.S. Presidential election has finally come to a close and people will now begin to worry and stress over the next big issue… the December APOCALYPSE. Whether or not that will actually happen, one thing is for sure; the media will outdo themselves yet again. The “blame” game seemed to play a big role […]

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Do Interests Influence?

  The American Presidential election and campaign efforts are thankfully close to an end. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by each political party to promote their policies and leadership characteristics. The question is why is all this money needed for an election? Do people’s opinions and values shift due to the amount […]

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Cross-Culture Cannabis

The election is nearly to a close and various political, economic and social issues have been debated, mocked and criticized. With all this controversy, Americans and people around the globe are stressed in this environment where worry passively floats floats through the mind. Many individuals fear their ability to handle  school, work, disease, family and other personal […]

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High Stakes…

In a region where social and political tension is high and in some instances, mere life is a gamble, one may wonder where citizens of the Middle East find time to unwind, relax and enjoy life. As some individuals may not entirely enjoy casino life, it is definitely an environment in which people can escape, […]

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The Hummus Conflict

Some may be lead to believe that the current Middle Eastern conflict is at a boiling point, that any minor dispute may cause an eruption between the region’s countries. This region has been fighting, raising tensions and most of all sustaining violence  each and every day. It is difficult to believe that Israel and  its […]

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Who Will Strike First…?

As Iran continues to advance their nuclear programs, the rest of the world is forced to sit and wait for them to act before having the ability to deter the threat of a nuclear bomb. This is due to the UN charter’s “idea” that sovereign states must act collectively when dealing with international issues. However, […]

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Riots Surge as Tensions Rise…

Recent reports regarding the world-renowned anti-Islamic video “Innocence of Muslims” has spurred many protests and riots in the Middle Eastern region. The film portrays the Prophet Mohammad as a fraud and  adulterer who authorized sexual abuse of children, among other immoral acts. The film has caused outrage in several predominantly Muslim countries. As many know, protests […]

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Covert Transactions: Money Laundering Through Lebanese Banks

As the Syrian civil war continues to bring chaos and instability to the Middle East region, many global states and individuals remain threatened by the on-going violent and illegal activities occurring there. According to the U.S. and other official reports, Hezbollah, in close association with Iran, is supplying the Syrian government with the resources and […]

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