I Shall Not Hate

“I shall not hate” is a book by Izzeldin Abuelaish that talks about his experience with the Israeli-Palestine conflict. He is an infertility doctor that travels back and forth from Israel, where he works, to Gaza, where he lives. He talks about the immense difficulties of crossing the border and how many times he was […]

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Do Two Negatives Make a Positive?

In light of the recent events in the Middle East with ISIS, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I wanted to showcase the amazing contribution that the Middle East has given to society over the years. Some of the most influential advancements came from the Middle East such as medicine, the idea of higher education, and mathematics. […]

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Meet the President!

This summer I had the amazing opportunity of traveling to the United Arab Emirates to study Arabic. The culture was very different than back in America, especially the political system. The way they elect leaders, divide the power and keep control is very different than the democracy I am used to. However, it is just […]

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Camels, Who Knew?

I studied abroad this summer in the United Arab Emirates. It was an amazing trip and I learned a lot. However, one thing stuck with me. There are so many ways to use a camel. Firstly, camels were a source of transportation. Their legs were made to walk in the sand so that they did […]

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Genesis; Where It All Began

When I first started hearing people talk about the Middle East, most conversation surrounded how their women were oppressed and forced to cover every inch of their body. There have been news stories talking about how certain countries have banned women from wearing the Hijab and how horrible it must be to live in a […]

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