Jerusalem’s Significance

The city of Jerusalem is significant in a number of ways to many Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It is holy for the three monotheistic religions because of the religious significant events that took place there. Although Jerusalem is unique, it’s important to why it’s significant to different types of religion. Significance of Jerusalem to Jews […]

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The Slave Market

ISIS. This is a name we have all come to know while researching and learning about the Middle East. ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria but has become more recently known as ISIL, which stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. They are an extremist group that started as an […]

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Miss Beautiful Morals

When you think of beauty pageants, you think of young beautiful women strutting their stuff in front of judges, a live audience, and television viewers. Every year millions of people are glued to their TVs watching Miss Universe or Miss America and we all have our favorite beauty queen. We watch as they show off […]

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Muslims vs. Abercrombie and Fitch

Over the years, the popular teen clothing retailer Abercrombie and Fitch has struggled and caused much controversy over their discrimination in processes of hiring and firing. CEO Michael Jeffries has stated several times that he desires “beautiful and skinny shoppers” to wear his clothes and that this retailer targets the popular kids, not the “fat […]

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A Culture, not a Costume

Ohio University has a well-known reputation for having one of the largest Halloween celebrations in the United States, and yes, the pressure of a perfect costume is oh so real. Every year around this time, I scramble to come up with a costume that’s original and entertaining. As I browsed the web last week for […]

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Saving Muslim Women?

We are always told never to judge a book by its cover, but I find it very hard not to jump to conclusions when I see certain pictures. There are specific images that work really well on covers to help them sell (of course there are others that do not sell). An example that comes […]

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The Hajj 2014: Selfie Edition

The rise and development in technology has created a world where everything one does can be publicized in an instant. With popular worldwide social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, one has the ability to post any information at any point in time to a broad audience. While this may be beneficial in […]

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I’d-Buy-A Abaya

‘Single in the City’ columnist Rym Tina Ghazel once said, “Every country’s national dress is symbolic and should be worn with respect, given its history and its nationalistic, as well as patriotic, connotations.” In this case, she was talking about the internationally known Abaya, which is worn by most Muslim women.             What is the […]

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Anti-Muslim Filmmaker arrested

The US man (Sam Bacile) behind an anti-Muslim film that led to mass protests in the Middle East has been sentenced to a year in jail for probation violations. Wednesday’s sentence stems from a 2010 bank fraud conviction. According to a BBC report back in 2010 Bacile, had served 21-months in jail for using more than […]

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A Time For Celebration

This past Thursday and Friday was a holiday for Muslim’s around the world. Eid al-Adha is one of the largest Holiday’s for Muslims. To get a little background information it is a festival of sacrifice that began on Thursday evening and continues until the end of the Hajj pilgrimage. The festival begins on the 10th […]

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

In late 2010 it was announced that the Muslim community in the small city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee was planning to build a mosque.  At that time, there were 104 churches and no mosques within the city.  CNN covered the unveiling of the plans and the fallout that ensued.  In a televised special on the topic, […]

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