Urgency and Response: Trying to Save Lives

  Recently reports  came out suggesting that the Syrian military plans to use chemical weapons against the Syrian people. While a person can recover from small quantities of the gas, in larger quantities it can cause lasting health effects  or death.  An organization that I am part off , STAND, is launching a campaign to […]

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Egypt Leaving a Mark

Egypt may be the unlikely winner of another round of conflict between Israel and Gaza that killed more than 100 people and caused major destruction. A speculative ceasefire was announced in Cairo where the Egyptian government played a major role. President Mohammad Mursi was a key player in brokering the ceasefire last week, even after […]

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Where is the US?

The United States absence at Sir Bani Yas Forum, did not go unnoticed. During the two-and-a-half day interactive discussion, participants debated the changing strategic landscape in the Middle East, the ongoing repercussions from the Arab Spring, prospects for the Middle East Peace Process, and other current issues. Participants suspected that the US was AWOL (absence […]

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What’s Next for Netanyahu?

It was a long day. I had woken up early to complete the looming homework I had procrastinated to finish. With one eye open, I was relieved to see that the sun had rose before me and was shining on the Athens landscape. Walking the streets, I exhaled to visibly see the cold wrap around […]

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What Will He Do Next

As of Wednesday Britain announced that they would be working with the rebel military leaders and Turkey NATO members to remove the Syrian President Assad from office. They plan on using Patriot missiles to form a safe zone inside Syria. This announcement and the recent re-election of President Barack Obama have lead to all eyes on the […]

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Four More Years Of…

The U.S. Presidential election has finally come to a close and people will now begin to worry and stress over the next big issue… the December APOCALYPSE. Whether or not that will actually happen, one thing is for sure; the media will outdo themselves yet again. The “blame” game seemed to play a big role […]

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Obama is not a savior, and Romney will not be a devil: World View of the Elections

With the United Sates presidential election coming to a conclusion today, it is important to ask what kind of “global” leader we will obtain. According to the BBC, for every country in their pool that ranked support for Obama and Romney, Obama was clearly the favorite. In another poll where 26,000 people across 30 countries […]

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Syria…the best solution

To give a quick back history Syria has been falling into a civil war for the last nineteen months. On March 2011 there was an offshoot of the Arab Spring in Syria, which demanded for freedom and reform this sparked the continuing conflict. The “rebels” of Syria had decided at this point President Assad had […]

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Welcome to Election Season

The commercials are never-ending, the pop-up ads are frequent, and the phone calls are daily; it is no surprise that the presidential campaign in the United States has reached full throttle. Similarly, Israel is preparing for their own election. The two candidates in both situations are found frequently debating the same issue. As the U.S. […]

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