We have the Gas but we don’t have the Power

In recent Lebanese news two stories have been relatively controversial when it comes to internal affairs. The protests to the power outages due to the vast electricity cuts the Lebanese public has been suffering from for decades. On the other hand, surprisingly, experts made the biggest off shore natural gas reserve discovery of this millennium. […]

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Israel in Lebanese

إسرائيل باللّبنانية   On the 1st of November 2012 a Facebook page under the name “Israel in Lebanese” was launched, the page admin calls it the Israeli embassy in Lebanon. Shortly after it was launched it made a cyber controversy where many upset Lebanese Facebook users found the page very offensive and out of place, […]

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Lebanese Jews

The once striving Lebanese Jewish community was a key figure to the social and economical structure of Beirut. Estimated a rough population of 30,000, Lebanese Jews emigrated out of Lebanon after the 1982 Israeli invasion which reached Beirut and led to the destruction of the only synagogue in central Beirut by Israeli shells. Most of […]

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Breaking the law is breaking the law!

The escalation of the Syrian “revolution” has created an increased need for arms within the opposition to the regime and the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Due to the forceful military attacks on their anti-government activity, this arms smuggle has been most successful across the Lebanese-Syrian borders. Lebanese parliament members and political figures have each made […]

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