Mouth Watering Middle Eastern Food

Here in America there are a few foods that are so integrated into the American culture that they have become some of the most popular foods. Some of these foods can include: a cheeseburger, hot dog, nachos, pizza and chocolate chip cookies. After thinking about all of the foods that I love, and especially with […]

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LSD and The Middle East

There are certain drugs in the United States that have become pretty popular, such as Marijuana, even though it is illegal. There are also drugs in the Middle East that have become a little bit of a problem. An example of that would be LSD. LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. It is a hallucinogen and […]

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Climates In The Middle East

In the United States we have four main seasons, and they all have typical temperatures that we expect every year. We live in a part of the world where there is very high humidity and in the summer, it makes it feel extremely hotter than it actually is outside. It gets cold in the winter […]

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Birthdays In The Middle East

When you think of birthdays, what do you think of? Big parties with all of your friends? Balloons, candles that represent your age, cake, and clowns? In the United States, we have our own idea of how to celebrate birthdays and we have formed our own traditions. A big birthday in America is your sixteenth […]

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Conservative Vs. Flashy

When looking at the clothing between the Middle Eastern population and the American population, we see a big difference. People in the Middle East are very conservative and people in America tend to be the exact opposite.  In the Middle East, their typical style of clothing is very conservative. Many women dress in clothes that don’t […]

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