Lebanon’s First 3D Feature Film

Lebanon’s First 3D Movie It’s final here, Lebanon’s first 3D movie “My Last Valentine In Beirut 3D” was announced to be shown on November 15, 2012, “Director Salim El Turk’s latest offering holds the proud accolade of being the first feature length film in the Arab region to be produced entirely in 3D and marries cutting […]

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Lebanese Hashish

Lebanese Hashish Lebanon produces one of the best “illegal” hashish across Europe and the Middle East, with that being said “how”, “why” and “where” is all this coming from ? Welcome to “Bekaa Valley” and “Baalbeck” (East of Lebanon) the locations for the most important Cannabis Fields. The fields are cultivated on very large scales, […]

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Drowned In Trash

Did you know that Lebanon has something called : The Garbage Mountain ? Yes, it is a mountain full of trash, you don’t believe it ? See for yourself. The Garbage Mountain is located in South of Lebanon in Saida, near the homes of thousands of people and right next to the Mediterranean sea. It […]

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Log On & Blog On

    At the present time, we are surrounded by a faster more advanced world that grants us access to interact with various means of communication. Blogging is one of those methods, and it consists of a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual, typically updated daily.  Journalists nowadays prefer […]

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