Is there an end to oppression?

As a result of last week’s blog post, I received a comment that only motivated me to continue my focus on Islam and some of the common generalizations made. When listening to people speak about Islam and Muslims, I have been able to pin-point many misconceptions and a lot of them have been directed to […]

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A Religious Journey

2:60 Eat and drink from the provision of God, and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption If you have grown up in a religious household your whole life, try to imagine the complete opposite, or if you have never followed a religion you might be able to relate. I grew up in […]

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A City Built From Tourism

As much as I talk about traveling, I have yet to leave the country. This is sad for me to say because I am so intrigued by the world and all of the places I could have passionately traveled too throughout the past few years, besides good ole Ohio. With the amount of trips I […]

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A New Wave of Innovation

Depending on where you live, the sun is either a huge threat or one of the most amazing attributes this world has to offer. Often times we underestimate how powerful it can be until we can visually see the astonishing developments it can help create. For areas within the desert it can seem as if […]

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A Hidden War

“What we see is filtered” Violence. Unfortunately, this is a term that can easily be applied to the current situations going on in the Middle East. Recently, media has continuously talked about ISIS and all the spiraling violence that follows it. These issues will continue to remain at the forefront of world affairs as long […]

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