A Reminder

Our journey has come to end. Ever since September, we have been engaging in conversations that are very enriching. Yes, December 1st is the last day of our project, yet my hopes are for this communication and intercultural sharing goes on, even after the mentioned date. The friendships we built were great, yet the misconceptions […]

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To Dear Gaza

Allow me to use this platform of free expression today to give out some words to Gaza. As most of us know, there’s a public war going on now in which Israel is hitting Gaza as hard as it can. A couple of words to explain the situation, and the feelings: Though each day is […]

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An angry woman speaks out.

At a lot of times, people ask me Why I support the uprising of women in the Arab world, claiming that women do have a lot of rights and are free, also saying that they are allowed to do everything a man is allowed to do, and now women are having the privilege of acquiring jobs of high positions.

I say such an answer is ignorant and is extremely far from what a woman really goes through in our Arab world.

I have not gained my right when I can do the same job as any other man, and yet I am paid less because I am woman.

When I cannot give my children my nationality, when I cannot travel with my children without their father’s consent, and when I have to take my husband’s permission before I speak, then I have nothing.

When my father controls whether I get education or not, when my father decides if I wear a veil or not, when my father determines when and who I get married to, then I have nothing.

When I am looked down upon if I am divorced, when I am rejected if I was smart, when I am silenced if I have an opinion, then I have nothing.

When I am forced to marry the man who raped me, when I am forced to consider myself guilty, when my society condemns me for being beautiful, then I have nothing.

When a man looks at me like a machine to be owned at home, when a man considers me a body for pleasure, when a man dares to raise his hand against my face, then I have nothing.

When my mother only wants to find me a groom, when my sister does not dare to fall in love, when my brother thinks he has the authority to control what I do, then I have nothing.

When I am denied the right to choose my career, when I am neglected in social conversations, and when my intellectual ability is ignored, then I have nothing.

I rebel against this world. I rebel against anyone who considers himself superior to me.

I rebel against the empty thoughts of sexism, and the uncivilized ideas of discrimination.

I rebel against my mother, father, sister, brother, husband, friend, teacher. I rebel against anyone who think I am not good enough.

I rebel against women who are silent and not aware of their rights. I rebel against the society, and how humans have become inhumane.

I rebel against religion, and against any thing people use as an excuse to make me feel less worthy.

I rebel against myself for once believing I was not good enough.

I rebel against the world. 

I am with the the uprising of women in the Arab world because I deserve to live.

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