What’s Brewing in the Middle East?

In the Middle East it can be a challenge to find typical alcohol we see in our grocery stores, pharmacies, or gas stations here in the U.S.  In Islamic nations such as Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Kuwait are places where alcohol is prohibited entirely to Muslims, and that’s because alcohol is consider […]

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Thinking Cooperatively

In class this week we talked a lot about poverty which lead to discussing the causing factors and repercussions, such as the type of political party to food insecurity. While addressing these issues we were asked what would be some ways in which we believe could help alleviate some of these problems and I think […]

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Will Censorship Ever End?

Will Censorship Ever End? Censorship here in the U.S continues to be a controversial and unsettled subject within our society, especially within literature. Knowing this, I became curious to find out what type of censorship controversies and issues Middle Easterners are faced with in their literature, and I was not too surprised to find out […]

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School Today, ISIS Tomorrow

For quiet sometime now a select number of Westerners from various locations have been lured and recruited to join, or attempt to join, terrorist organizations, and more recently the number of recruits and attempts has increased specifically due to ISIS. CNN reported that, The FBI and the U.S. Justice Department have been trying to stay […]

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Gender Always Plays a Role

The concept of gender, specifically adhering towards women, has been unaccounted and unrecognized by many around the world and there has been a struggle to grasp full understanding roles of women. When looking into the terrorism field of studies gender is often ignored and understudied by many scholars. The cause of this isn’t due to […]

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#Hashtags for Peace

Back in December, British humanitarian aid worker, Alan Henning, was held hostage by The Islamic State, and just recently on October 3rd an appalling video was released by IS, revealing Henning beheaded to send a message. This shocked many around the world and after this, finally, the online propaganda from IS began to drown out. […]

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Back to Al-Aqsa Mosque

Just this past Saturday on October 4th Muslims worldwide celebrated one of their most religious holidays, Eid-Al-Adha.  Eid-Al-Adha , or also known as ‘Sacrifice Feast’, is celebrated to honor and  remember the willingness of  Abraham to give up Ishmael, his son, for god but then God  intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice […]

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Love Has No Boarders

Throughout the Middle East intimate relationships have followed traditional customs with the most common tradition of arranged marriage set up by the family of the bride. This has been the most common tradition for rural and conservative Middle Easterns, because according to the Institute for Middle East Understanding, family solidarity is one of the most […]

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