Public Health – What’s Everyone Talking About?

In America, health care and health policies are becoming more and more of a debated issue. What is the right way to handle the issue? What stance should be taken? Well, for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions, they are gearing up for the same topic. I was intrigued on what was being […]

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A Magic Carpet Ride

We’ve all watched the famous Disney film where Aladdin steals Jasmine’s heart as he “shows her the world” on his magic carpet ride. Although there is no such thing as a flying magic carpet to sweep a special someone off their feet, the value and tradition of Persian carpet making can be dated back to […]

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Censorship in the Middle East

Censorship has existed since the first book was created. Governments and officials all over the world have worked for centuries to suppress the minds of creative and influential people. It is with great audacity that these creative and influential minds persist, for oftentimes writing as a profession can prove to be fatal in the Middle […]

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Free Nasrin Sotoudeh

Iran has recently received a lot of attention in regards to the possibility that they are building a nuclear weapon, increasing tensions with Israel. Another important issue involving Iran has been receiving less attention from mass media. Nasarin Sotoudeh, a member of the Defenders of Human Rights, the One Million Signatures Campaign to Change Discriminatory Laws Against Women, and the […]

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Hezbollah Issues Warning

Hassan Nasrallah the head leader of Lebanon-based Hezbollah group and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad the Iranian president stated stern warnings towards Israel that any aggression on their country’s part will be met with an immediate armed response. Nasrallah was quoted back in August saying “fighters will make the lives of Israelis a living hell if it is […]

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Who Will Strike First…?

As Iran continues to advance their nuclear programs, the rest of the world is forced to sit and wait for them to act before having the ability to deter the threat of a nuclear bomb. This is due to the UN charter’s “idea” that sovereign states must act collectively when dealing with international issues. However, […]

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Covert Transactions: Money Laundering Through Lebanese Banks

As the Syrian civil war continues to bring chaos and instability to the Middle East region, many global states and individuals remain threatened by the on-going violent and illegal activities occurring there. According to the U.S. and other official reports, Hezbollah, in close association with Iran, is supplying the Syrian government with the resources and […]

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