The Walter White of Lebanon

As many college-aged Americans do, I spend a lot of my free time watching Netflix. I was never really a binge-watcher, though, until I stumbled upon a little well-known television series called Breaking Bad. For my foreign counterparts, in case you don’t have the slightest clue as to the glorious show I am referring to, […]

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So, what’s the problem? Well, according to many water crises related NGOs like Friends of the Earth Middle East (FOEME) and Amnesty International, tackling the urgent water, economic, and energy problems in the Middle East involve negotiating with the central governments of all of the nations affected. That means Hamas and the Israeli government have […]

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We Are Not Haredi (h-ready) To Go To War!

With all of the conflict occurring between Israelis and Palestinians, domestic conflict within both countries is seldom discussed. I’m sure we are all well aware that internal conflict exists, but it doesn’t seem like that much of a problem considering the despondent affairs that are occurring internationally. Well, for the Haredi—the ultra-Orthodox adherents of Judaism—the […]

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R4BIA Is The New Black

While Ohio University students are busy preparing for the Halloween celebrations this weekend, hundreds of university students in Cairo are taking the streets to protest against the new government measures restricting political dissent in colleges and proposing stricter laws for faculty measures. This past Sunday, student protesters destroyed a number of metal detectors that were […]

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The Time A Journalist Spent Three Days In An Israeli Holding Sell

Hearing Michael Bublè’s “Home” while riding in the back of a police van was probably the last thing Federica Marsi expected while working in Israel early September. In a recent Vice article, Marsi told her firsthand account of being deported from Tel Aviv while illegally reporting on Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory. After what she […]

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Censorship in the Middle East

Censorship has existed since the first book was created. Governments and officials all over the world have worked for centuries to suppress the minds of creative and influential people. It is with great audacity that these creative and influential minds persist, for oftentimes writing as a profession can prove to be fatal in the Middle […]

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Mental Health in the Military: A Comparative Analysis of the IDF and United States Military

Officials say that military veterans make up 16 percent of homeless adults in the United States. While this may be a surprise for some, it is no secret that the US Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs has proved to be inadequate in the past when it comes to providing post-service mental health assistance. Recent CNN […]

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