Since Lebanon Seems to be a Gathering Place for Refugees, Are More Camps a Good Idea?

Since a big influx in the mid 1970’s Lebanon has housed thousands of refugees, mainly of Palestinian descent. These people sought shelter after Israel eradicated them and since, many have still found themselves living as refugees in camps throughout Lebanon. The life for these people is usually tough, as the Lebanese government has made many […]

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Travel to a War Torn Area

Despite the global trend of increase in foreign travel, American’s are going almost everywhere except for the Middle East. Destinations in this region are virtually ignored by American’s when they are are planning their next trip. Most assume that the war torn region is smothered in violence and refuse to believe that that that is […]

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Female Violence on the Rise

Current reports have surfaced of a group being called the ‘Burkha Brigade”, which is a women’s clan that is being taught military strategies and fighting skills by extremist organizations. A recent YouTube video on the web shows the training of these women, which has sparked much concern from leaders around the world. Al-Qaeda and the […]

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Violence Runs Rampant

Sitting at home in the United States reading newspaper reports about the violence occurring in the Middle East seems almost unreal. I know that at least for me, it is hard to imagine that people living in that area are accustomed to this violence and that their lives are being altered as we speak. We […]

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English Prevailing in Higher Education

A recent debacle over whether or not English should be the required language for academic conferences has sparked much controversy in Israel. Israel’s confusing past has opened the door for influences from many different countries that have intertwined their roots and language into Israel’s. From years of struggle for their own country and occupation from […]

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Technology Eliciting Change

Not only has technology been a means of sharing information instantaneously around the world, but it has also had an important role in shaping youth everywhere. Technology has shined a light on many injustices and has helped pave the way for their elimination in many Middle Eastern countries where corruption and political scandals have run […]

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Anti-U.S. Protests and Memorial of September 11th A Mere Coincidence?

Throughout many countries in the Middle East, including Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, and Sudan, violent riots have broken out in response to a U.S. based movie called “Innocence of Muslims”. These violent uprisings began on September 11th, a day which still brings strife and separation between the U.S. and the Middle East. Whether these acts are […]

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Religion and Turmoil in Lebanon

From civil war to the latest Syrian uprisings, Lebanon has surely had its fair share of turmoil. Over the countries history, it has dealt with being controlled by foreigners, as well as many internal struggles. More recently, Syrian instability is looking to have negative impacts throughout many aspects of the country, including business, politics, and […]

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