Israel: The exclusive club

Israel: The exclusive club

I told you, I’d be back. The new influx of Muslims does not help Israel’s image. It has been successfully argued that Israel has no choice but to defend itself from Palestinians and their supporters, but what happens when outsiders come? What does Israel do when refugees need help? Does this look familiar?

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I Refuse to Say Goodbye

Bowling with New Friends Everyone is writing their conclusions and about their experiences interacting with each other and working on this blog, but I refuse to say goodbye. We have attracted a lot of attention with this blog and I think we should keep it going. I am sure we will write last frequently since […]

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The face of marriage is changing all over the world. In the United States, marriage is becoming less common with domestic partnerships and divorce on  the rise.  In the Middle East marriages are occurring later in life due to economic trouble and the protection of women’s rights. In the United States, the average man is 29 years old when they first […]

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A Not So Funny Cartoon

    This comic strip was feature in the Athens News and I thought it was appropriate to share, especially after learning about the bomb strikes in Yemen.  I also remembered watching a video about drones and how they are protecting the lives of our troops. The video made the drones appear very accurate, claiming […]

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Free Nasrin Sotoudeh

Iran has recently received a lot of attention in regards to the possibility that they are building a nuclear weapon, increasing tensions with Israel. Another important issue involving Iran has been receiving less attention from mass media. Nasarin Sotoudeh, a member of the Defenders of Human Rights, the One Million Signatures Campaign to Change Discriminatory Laws Against Women, and the […]

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Syrian Overspill

Last Wednesday, members of the Global Leadership Center along with Doctor Walid Raad and his students from Lebanese International University meet with Ohio University’s chapter of STAND,  the student-led division of the United to End Genocide (formerly Genocide Intervention Network) in order to discuss the unrest taking place in Syria.  At that time , the role of […]

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A Collective Society

On Tuesday, September 11, the ignorance of one man led to the deaths of innocent people. Coptic Christian Egyptian men in Los Angeles promoted a video created by man who calls himself “Sam Bacile” who is believed to be Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.  He pretended to be an Israeli-American and claimed that his film was fact […]

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