Online Dating in the Middle East

For a communication class, earlier this week I was required to write a paper on relationships formed online. While writing this paper I learned many things that surprised me about online dating here in America. I learned that online dating is a 1.25 billion dollar industry, with over 41 million Americans trying online dating annually. […]

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The Internet and the Middle East

The internet has changed our world. And quickly, too. Just a decade ago our world was immensely different than it is today, and much of that change can be attributed to the ascension of the Internet. Whether you consider shopping, breaking news, social media, or just day to day affairs the influence technology has had […]

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Pets or Pests?

I am a pet lover. I have had dogs, cats, hamsters, and fish in my life, and have loved them all. I eagerly await the days that I have the opportunity to raise a husky or a German shepherd, my girlfriend longs for an English bulldog named Winston, and cats will always have a place […]

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Censorship in the Middle East

Censorship is a topic that has always interested me greatly, and the use of censorship to monitor and contain the transfer of information is one topic I feel very passionate about. Imagination of a 1984 inspired version of public thought suppression has led me to research this area in the past, and has tonight led […]

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Video Games in the Middle East

Gaming. As one of the largest sectors of the entertainment industry, which is now standing as rival to both the film and music industries, gaming has become a core part of every day life for many in the 21st century. Video games are a multi-billion-dollar industry, with the global market projected to topple 86 billion […]

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The Intent of ISIS

As ISIS continues its barrage through the Middle East, the outcome of these states – as well as the fates of many innocents involved – grows more uncertain. When dealing with a group driven by doctrine and fueled by indiscriminate slaughter, determining a clear motive is difficult. And with consideration given to the colossal and […]

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Impotency of the UN

Amidst one of the most violent period of years witnessed in the Middle East we are again reminded of the general ineffectiveness and impotency of the United Nations. While the world sits as silent spectators to the mass destruction of lives, many belonging to children and innocents, the necessity for a functional and result-producing UN […]

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