Too close to call

On November 14rth an airstrike was carried out by Israeli forces on  over twenty areas in Gaza. The Israeli military has stated that these attacks were in response to recent rocket strikes from Hamas militants in Gaza. The Israeli attack ended up killing a military commander of Hamas, Ahmed al-Jabari, making him the highest ranking […]

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No End In Sight

As the fighting and devastation continues in Syria many are asking when it will end. Unfortunately, this end does not seem to be possible or probable in the near future. In an interview on November 8th, Bashar al-Assad made a public threat that Western military intervention would cost, “more than the world can afford.” He […]

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Shariah Law

Shariah, literally meaning “a path to the water hole,” Law is a term that many Westerners throw around without truly understanding its origin or its function in society. To some they think it is an oppressive system that represents the entirety of what Islam is when this is far from the truth. In its most […]

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No Child Left Behind

Education is always a topic of great debate in the United States as of late though it seems to particularly focus on the decline of the education system. It goes without saying that better education leads to a brighter future for a country. Similar to the U.S. there is a vast difference between private and […]

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