The place where i belong

Every country has something special about it, whether it is its history, its culture, or its people. Despite all the problems in Lebanon it’s still one of the most special countries at least in my opinion. A lot of Lebanese don’t see the beauty of Lebanon due to all political problems here. But I put […]

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Do you remember Kony?

Let us refresh our memory and remember who Joseph Kony is? Born in Uganda, Kony is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army. For years, the rebel group kidnapped children in northern Uganda, using the boys as fighters for his movement and raping the girls. It’s estimated that he abducted 66,000 children and killed tens […]

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Petraeus scandal

  David Petraeus is an American former military office and public official. He served as a director of the central intelligence agency from September 6, 2011 until his resignation on November 9.2012 The abrupt resignation of the CIA director David Petraeus will continue to dominate for weeks. Petraeus went to the white house and asked […]

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The Turkish invasion

The Convergence of civilizations and exchange of knowledge between communities is essential for the development and growth of these communities, and the openness of countries has multiple advantages and it creates an atmosphere of collaboration among these countries. TV series and movies became the best way for any country to spread their culture, morals and […]

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Lebanese media today

Lebanon has long been recognized as having one of the most open and diverse media Environments in the Middle East. It was the first Arab country to permit private radio and television and there are now more than six independent television stations. Political interests have a strong influence though, as most media owners are affiliated […]

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Syrian intervention in lebanon

Syrian army withdrew from Lebanon after attending an ongoing partial or complete in various Lebanese regions lasted for 30 years. Lebanese people don’t agree on one opinion about the form of the Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon. Some consider it real independence and others see it as “ruining the Lebanese – Syrian relations”. The first party […]

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