More Sports Coming to Qatar

In my very first blog post I talked about Qatar winning the bid to hold the World Cup in 2022. In the blog I covered not only the current controversy of Mohammad bin Hammam paying off members of FIFA for the bid, but also touched on why this event would be beneficial to the Middle […]

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Joining ISIS

Whenever I sit down to research for my blog, I try to tell myself “Don’t write about ISIS, don’t write about ISIS” but it always seems inevitable. The extremist terrorist group has the full spotlight of the Middle East and is growing and growing by the day. So what did I find this week? Recruitment. […]

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Think Again, Turn Away

Its crazy to think how the whole world is connected through social media. Seriously, have you ever thought about it? How through social media, I can talk to someone that’s all the way on the other side of the planet and I don’t even have to know them. How social media has created this desire […]

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The World Cup In The Middle East

The Middle East is a split region of commotion and conflict. However, it seems that the population of the region has a common interest: soccer. Recent polls have shown that 58% of respondents say that they regularly follow soccer. Even with this high following of the game, the region has not performed well in the […]

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