Can Gaza count on the Axis of Resistance?

In response to what George W. Bush termed as the Axis of Evil in his 2002 State of the Union Address, a Libyan journalist shortly thereafter re-dubbed the term to be the Axis of Resistance, referring to the countries’ resistance to the hegemonic power of the United States. Today, the Axis of Resistance refers to […]

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If the world could vote

If the world could vote in the upcoming United States presidential election, the race would be anything but close. As it stands now, President Obama and Governor Romney are in a tie in national polls. This tight race means that there is even more importance on crucial swing states such as Ohio. In Ohio, the […]

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Seeking higher ground: American students avoiding Arab Spring violence

Study abroad programs for American students in North Africa and the Middle East are growing in popularity. These students seek universities that provide a more unique experience than the traditional study abroad locations of Europe and Asia. Students who had wanted to study abroad in the Middle East went in large numbers to Cairo, Egypt […]

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Caution: Porous Borders Ahead

For most nations, shared borders pose a myriad of threats and problems ranging from illegal immigration to weapon smuggling. The United States and Lebanon are no different when it comes to these sorts of issues. The primary threat for the United States on its shared border with Mexico is drug smuggling. The United States has […]

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The Iranian Predicament

When it comes to foreign relations with Iran, the United States and Lebanon find themselves at odds. To state it simply, the United States opposes Iran because of its close alliance with Israel and Lebanon supports Iran because of its opposition to Israel. The United States’ and Lebanon’s relationships with Iran have intensified ever since […]

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