World History: An Educational Necessity

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.“- Nelson Mandela As I’ve expressed repeatedly since beginning my journey with the Global Leadership Center, this program has opened my mind to so much of the world that I had never before considered. A great part about my college experience in […]

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The World Expo is basically a major World Fair that anyone can attend. Every five years a World Expo occurs in some wonderful city around the world. To be a host, a country must submit an extensive candidacy application that details their proposed theme, environmental impact, finances, locations, dates for the expo and much more. […]

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The Power of Foreign Language

After reading and agreeing with one of my classmates, Jack McNenny, blog on the lack of foreign language in our schools, I became interested in how countries throughout the Middle East implement foreign language throughout their education, and how it differs from the United States. But They’re Just Children.. Americans tend to view the concept of […]

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Do Two Negatives Make a Positive?

In light of the recent events in the Middle East with ISIS, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I wanted to showcase the amazing contribution that the Middle East has given to society over the years. Some of the most influential advancements came from the Middle East such as medicine, the idea of higher education, and mathematics. […]

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Saudi Arabia and Higher Education

Saudi Arabia is in an eon of transformation. In the last 50 years it has obliterated its previous rate of illiteracy down to near-zero. Education for women has also become a marked investment for the country, as demonstrated in the King Abdullah Scholarship program, the largest scholarship program in the history of Saudi Arabia,  that […]

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No Child Left Behind

Education is always a topic of great debate in the United States as of late though it seems to particularly focus on the decline of the education system. It goes without saying that better education leads to a brighter future for a country. Similar to the U.S. there is a vast difference between private and […]

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English Prevailing in Higher Education

A recent debacle over whether or not English should be the required language for academic conferences has sparked much controversy in Israel. Israel’s confusing past has opened the door for influences from many different countries that have intertwined their roots and language into Israel’s. From years of struggle for their own country and occupation from […]

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