Peace Around the Corner?

The problem in the Middle East between Israel and surrounding countries is very difficult to understand if one is not near the region. However, the problem seems to be escalating with threats and tension that can be clearly seen in the news. Hassan Nasrallah, the chief of the powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah stated on Sunday […]

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Weddings in Lebanon and America

Marriage in any culture is very sacred, whether it is between Americans or Lebanese. Women in America have increasingly become infatuated with weddings and in particular all the glamour of it. Lebanese women have also been following this trend. Weddings are a celebration of love and happiness, but do women in both cultures sometimes get […]

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Education: Israel and America

Many socio-economic gaps may remain is Israel, but Israel has now been documented to be harder working and more educated than ever before. A notable trend is indeed that the number of academic degree holders in the country has dramatically increased. 22.9% of Israelis have earned a college degree, this si much more than the […]

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French President Visits Lebanon

In Beruit, French President Francois Hollande stated that they would protect Lebanon against threats of destabilization caused by the fallout of the bloody conflict in neighboring Syria. He also praised President Michel Sleiman’s efforts to preserve national unity. President Hollande stated,” Because Lebanon should be capable of preserving its unity, stability and safety, France will […]

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Bombing in Lebanon

During a large bomb explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on October 19 eight people were killed, as well as eighty wounded. This bomb has unnerved the nation where memories from the sectarian violence during Lebanon’s long civil war are still ingrained in many people’s minds. The bomb is thought to has been sectarian fueled from Syria’s […]

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Israeli Women in Combat Postions

In February of 2012 the Pentagon in the United States made a big announcement stating that it was opening up more combat positions to women in the U.S Military. In these 14,000 positions, it includes tank mechanics and frontline intelligence officers. Yet, nearly one fifth of active-duty military positions still remain off limits. These include […]

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Lebanon and Turkish Kidnappings

On August 15 there was a kidnapping of a Turkish businessman by an armed local clan in retaliation for the abduction of kinsman Hassan Meqdad in Syria. The Meqdad clan also kidnapped over 20 Syrians, releasing some later in the month but keeping those it claimed were members of the Free Syrian Army. However, the […]

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