In Conclusion…

Initially I wrote a blog about the tragic bombing of a playground that claimed the lives 10 children last weekend, but that just devolved into an angry rant. Thus, I believe a reflection of this past semester is in order. Foremost, I know there has been concern voiced about the increased ambiguity involving the Pluralism […]

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A Fork in the Road

Iran is locked in a “fierce internal debate whether to hold bilateral nuclear talks with the United States.” Even though they are insisting that their nuclear program is solely meant for civilian purposes. But something doesn’t quite add up to me. The Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has shown no interest in accepting the dangling offer […]

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Killing in the Name of…

Earlier this weekend I saw a headline concerning the conflict in Syria that read “Syria Ceasefire: Regime Agrees to Holiday Truce.” I remember thinking, “Finally! At least (even if not for good) people will be able to enjoy the holiday in peace.” The conflict in Syria stems from sectarian differences among Alawis, who belong to […]

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More Spill Over Violence in Lebanon

The rebels and government forces have continued to relentlessly wage war on each other in Syria. However, in a recent twist of events Hezbollah has been exposed in aiding Syrian government forces. Many people “have long accused the Islamist party of taking a direct role in the Syrian conflict” prior to the accumulating evidence that […]

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Freedom of Speech and Press

Like the United States, Lebanon has an article in their constitution which protects freedom of speech and press-  at least partly. According to a publication called “Freedom of the Press 2011” it states that in Lebanon “media rarely faces direct interference from the government.” However, under Article 75 of the Lebanese constitution it clearly states […]

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An Ever Deepening Rift

It’s evident that there is a significant spillover of conflict on the Lebanese-Syrian border. However, the question that brings worry to most people is: will Lebanon be engulfed in a sectarian civil war much like the conflict that Syria has become a witness to? In recent weeks “spillover clashes” have become more common in the […]

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