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In Lebanon, your family name goes beyond identification. There’s usually history hidden behind a family name, that unfortunately most of us lose track of, or which fails to get passed down from generation to generation. And in some cases, it’s your grandmother’s maiden name (like in my case) that…

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War of Words

War is fought not only with artillery and firepower but with words. Words can be used carelessly during times of conflict, but are often intentionally employed to sway public perceptions of conflicts. Israel took this a step further this week when the Israel Defense Force began using social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter […]

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Obama is not a savior, and Romney will not be a devil: World View of the Elections

With the United Sates presidential election coming to a conclusion today, it is important to ask what kind of “global” leader we will obtain. According to the BBC, for every country in their pool that ranked support for Obama and Romney, Obama was clearly the favorite. In another poll where 26,000 people across 30 countries […]

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Westerners describe calligraphy as letters and words used to create elegant pen work. Calligraphy has a much deeper meaning in the Islamic world. In the Arabic language, the word “khatt” is used to describe it. Khatt’s meaning stems from the words, line, design and construction of words and letters. In our contemporary time, the majority […]

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Mecca of Plastic Surgery

Within the United States (with the exception of rural communities) the rate of cosmetic surgery procedures is high.  In 2005, more than 10 million plastic surgeries were completed.  This number includes minimally invasive treatments like Botox injections and laser hair removal.   According to the report, America’s five most common cosmetic surgeries in 2005 were: […]

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Not Allowed Here

In an earlier blog post entitled “Welcome to the Neighborhood”, I discussed prejudice in America against Muslim Americans. There is heightened intolerance toward this ethnic group in the United States since 9/11. Is there an equivalent to this narrow-mindedness in Lebanon and what racial discrimination issues are currently at play within Lebanon? Beirut, Lebanon is […]

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Money and Oil

The Valley of Elah has recently been seen as the place that can potentially secure the future of modern Israel. The valley gets its name from the Elah tree, a type of oak or terebinth tree. Also known as “the valley of the oak or terebinth” this unspoiled area is commonly known as the place […]

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