Movin’ On Up

As of now the world’s tallest building stands in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.


 According to, the Burj Khalifa holds seven world records which include the following:

  • Tallest building in the world
  • Highest number of stories
  • Tallest service elevator
  • Highest outdoor observation deck
  • Highest occupied floor
  • Tallest free-standing structure
  • Elevator with the longest travel distance

Remember how I said “as of now” earlier?

That is because Burj Khalifa is about to get beat out by The Kingdom Tower which is currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The construction began in September of 2014 and is projected to be completed in the year 2018. If Saudi Arabia succeeds, Dubai will lose its Guinness title of the world’s tallest building. The building is projected to be 3, 280 feet tall, compared to Burj Khalifa which stands 2, 716 feet tall. This structure will cost a total of 1.23 billion dollars and will consist of two hundred floors that overlook the beautiful view of the Red Sea.

Kingdom Tower

Problems for the Structure?


The foundation will have to be two hundred feet deep in order to withstand the saltwater the structure will be so close to.


The building will have to change shape every couple if floors in order to combat strong winds and make the wind gusts go around the structure and not damage it.


Getting concrete to floors higher up will be a challenge as well. As done while building Burj Khalifa, engineers could push concrete through with a single pump at night to make sure the concrete could settle with the lower temperature.

What else makes this structure unique?


An elevator company in Finland called Kone, will be providing The Kingdom Tower with the world’s fastest elevators. The elevators will travel at a speed of ten meters per second and a total of 65 of these elevators will be placed in The Kingdom Tower.


Obviously the world’s largest building is going to need the world’s largest equipment and a crane is no exception. The Kingdom Tower will be using six cranes developed by Liebherr & WolffKran, a German company, and are built to withstand harsh conditions and can lift 18 tons of materials at a speed of 44 meters a minute.

What do you think is the most amazing aspect of this building? Does it inspire you? And if so, how?


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2 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up

  1. I think the most amazing part of this building is not exactly the fact that it is extremely tall, but all of the equipment and extra things that have to be accomplished in order for this building to stand safely. This ability to built such a massive structure is what is inspiring, because they are pushing limits in order for records to be broken, which makes people believe that seemingly impossible things are possible. I love that other countries are contributing to this structure in progress, it just shows that everyone is able to help out in order for others to break records.

  2. When I traveled to UAE this summer, I was able to go to the top of the building. However, when I reached the top, it was actually not the very top of the building. After a certain amount of floors people were not allowed up there since the building swayed too much. Also, the Burj Khalifa currently has the fasted elevators in the world. It was a super weird feeling being in them since your ears were constantly popping. It was like taking off in an airplane.

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