The Other Son

The Other Son 

Last summer my Nana and I saw a movie called The Other Son. I was a bit skeptical at first because all I knew was the movie was in subtitles but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Before watching this movie I was very uneducated on much of the conflict in the Middle East. But over this past semester I have been studying both sides of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict and although is still have much to learn i was able to better grasp the main idea of this movie. While doing some research on the Israeli, Palestinian conflict this movie always seemed to pop into my head. This French drama takes an ingesting approach at looking into how the power of culture and religion has shaped much of the issues that lie within the Middle East but how the strength of family can bring even mortal enemies together.


Two babies are born at about the same time in an Israeli hospital. One is Israeli. The other is Palestinian. During a missile attack during the Gulf war everyone was evacuated and the new born babies were accidentally switched and raised by each other’s families for the last 18 years. When this discovery was made and the families were informed of the mix up, both had to cope with the fact that their sons have been raised as and by an “enemy” of their religion and people.

Yacine, the Israeli by birth, has been raised on the West Bank by Palestinian Leila and Said Al Bezaaz. His family is far from wealthy, but he had the good fortune to be educated in Paris. Joseph, the Palestinian by birth, has been raised by Israeli Orith and Alon Silberg. His parents, France-born physician Orith and Israel-born army commander Alon, live in a comfortable suburb of Tel Aviv. Joseph’s dream is to become a singer-songwriter. Yacine after some years in France, sees his plans for the future are in Europe. Both Joseph and Yacine are taken back by this news and begin to question their true identity but ultimately react maturely. On the other hand the two fathers and the Palestinian’s brother, Bilal, who carries a hatred for Israelis after years of growing up in the occupied territories, are primarily concerned that their birth son has been raised by the “other side.” The mothers are more concerned about the return of the son they gave birth to.

The boys begin to travel back and forth between their homes and the homes of their birth families trying to get to know their true families and “identities”. Although it takes time the fathers and brother Bilal put their differences aside and begin to accept their sons for who they are and what they wish to be.


Bloodlines run thicker than political boundaries, and decades of conflict cannot quell a mother’s love for her son, or a young man’s taste for freedom. This movie gave me hope that maybe one day differences can be put aside and a conclusion of peace and a two- state solution can be made. This can only happen with compromise and the accepting of all cultures and religions. I highly recommend this movie and would love to hear your opinions on the film.

Bellow is a link to the trailer:



5 thoughts on “The Other Son

  1. My grandma also finds movies I have never heard of or that I am skeptical of at first, but also end of enjoying them too! This movie brings up a very good point. What if an Israeli found out that there was a Palestinian born in their family? Would they turn on their family member or re-evaluate their views? This sounds like a good movie though with an Israeli-Palestine conflict, but at a smaller, more family relatable level. Maybe it’ll be the next movie my grandma and I watch.

  2. This sounds like a really interesting movie. It has such a good concept and forces you to recognize the other culture and those differences. I wonder if this would happen in real life? I’m not sure that people would be so accepting especially with all the conflict going on.

  3. This seems like an awesome movie! I love how the main point seems to be that what really matters is families, and it sucks to see how families can be torn apart by the conflict. As well as this movie seeming very entertaining i think it’s awesome how they can also show how it kind of can educated people on the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians to people, and it might encourage them to do some more research on it.

  4. I would love to watch this movie. I find this interesting….this is the second French film that has showcased the Middle East. Maybe I just haven’t seen enough films, but I can’t think of very many popular American films on issues in the Middle East. I’m curious as to why!

  5. That sounds like a really interesting concept for a movie! I would love to watch it. I love foreign films because they always seem to offer a different perspective from what I’m used to. It sounds like this movie has a great message and could be really influential if enough people saw it and considered what they would do in such a situation. Very interesting!

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