The Cubs of the Islamic State

As we dive deeper into the issues surrounding the Middle East, we are finding that ISIS is becoming a bigger problem. ISIS is an extremist group that aims to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas in Iraq and Syria. They are known for their taped beheadings of activists and use YouTube to create recruitment videos. More recently, ISIS has been recruiting children to become soldiers. They brainwash children into believing that killing people is what Allah wants. In most cases, the children are forced to serve ISIS but there are the few that feel it is their duty to fight for them.


In an article I read, a thirteen year old boy was thrilled to become a jihadi soldier. He didn’t want to enjoy childhood because “Allah ordered us to work and fight for the next life –for paradise. Before, I went to the park or the seaside. But then I realized I was wrong and I’ve taken the righteous path.” He believes he is doing right by joining ISIS and killing people who “deserve it”. He openly tells the reporter that he wants the West to be destroyed.


Even if children want to serve as a soldier for ISIS, do the parents have any say? Do they take away their children’s childhood or do they force them to go to school? In the interview the mother said she was proud of her son for joining ISIS and disappointed in her other children for working peacefully for civil society groups. When asked how she would feel is her son died fighting for the Islamic State, she replied, “I would be so happy.”

How does a parent let a child fight a battle that they are too young to fight? Do most believe that this is the righteous path? Why hasn’t there been anything done to stop ISIS from recruiting children?

Source: BBC News


One thought on “The Cubs of the Islamic State

  1. ISIS is very persuasive when it comes to convincing members, of all ages, to join their mission. However, I am surprised to see that the mother you referenced was more proud of her son who joined this mission than her other children. This article just shows how powerful ISIS and their mission is!

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