Never Say No To Panda

The advertisement business is a competitive market that strives for consumers’ attention. Many companies fail to acquire the interest of their buyers through ads, but there are always those companies that win peoples attention through a memorable commercial, usually from humor or something cute like a puppy. The “Never Say No To Panda” campaign has grabbed the attention of the Middle East community through their hilarious commercials involving a panda who will kick butt if a “Panda Cheese” product is denied.

            This compilation of commercials shows what I personally believe is a genius and hilarious ad that reaches out to its customers in a humorous, yet threatening way. If you don’t eat Panda Cheese or deny it in any way, this will upset the panda and cause him to go on a violent rant, knocking expensive products over and threatening your life-all through actions and not words. In the end, the panda’s main goal is to ruin your day, since you ruined his by denying a Panda Cheese product.


Panda cheese is a brand of Arab Dairy products with delicious varieties of cheeses. Panda products include: feta cheese, Istanbully cheese (crumbly white texture with a chilly taste-theirs are specifically spiced with jalapeno pepper), triangle cheese, cheddar cheese blocks, Parmesan, and Mozzarella. These panda cheese products come not from pandas, but from pasteurized cow or buffalo milk, and are mixed with ingredients. The panda aspect of the brand is simply a logo and brand name purpose.


There is no doubt that the blank stare shown by the upset panda is not only cute, but terrifying. What do you think of this marketing campaign for the Panda Cheese product-do you think it is clever or a waste? Also, would you think twice before passing Panda Cheese in a store if it was available to you-solely because of its “Never Say No To Panda” motto? Personally, I would buy the product, just to avoid the possibility of a future day ruined by an angry panda. I find this campaign idea to be clever, because it encourages consumers to purchase their product…or else. Remember, NEVER say no to panda.


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4 thoughts on “Never Say No To Panda

  1. This is just too adorable! I relate this to the Lucky Charms commercials with the leprechaun. I think it’s a genius commercial method that’s been used over and over again. It’s better to put something that can be remembered on something like a logo with Nike or a spokesperson/animal like with the Panda! Plus, it will probably make kids more likely to ask their parents for it! Just like the leprechaun, the panda is supposed to make everyone happier and more likely to use the product to make them “feel” happier. It works with food really well, as far as I’m concerned. I’m always a happy person after I eat!

  2. It’s so interesting how something like a Panda can take off and go viral! Many times it seems that it’s out of no where or unexpected, but I am majoring in advertising and love researching into consumer behavior and I have learned that the professionals that produce this material, of course, have a plan! They study the way people react to particular advertisements and they can plan for something that may seem random like “Alex from Target” to get mass attention! I am not surprised that these research methods and advertisement styles have progressed to the middle east.

  3. I’ve always loved this commercial. It’s genius advertising and it always makes me laugh! These slightly creepy and threatening ads always grab your attention and leave you laughing. Most of all, it’s successful because you remember Panda cheese after the commercial is over. Even though we all know we’re not going to get beaten up by a panda if we don’t buy that cheese, we still think about these “consequences” as we choose our cheese at the store. Until now, I had no idea that Panda cheese was a brand of Arab Dairy Products. I love cheese, and trying new cheeses, so I promise that I will NEVER say no to the panda!!

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