A Religious Journey

2:60 Eat and drink from the provision of God, and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption


If you have grown up in a religious household your whole life, try to imagine the complete opposite, or if you have never followed a religion you might be able to relate. I grew up in one for the smallest towns in Ohio, and when I say small, I mean one red light for the whole county. I went to school with the same students since elementary school and all the way through high school. Throughout my adolescent life I always felt as if my sisters and I were raised differently than most in my small town because we grew up without a religion, while it was the norm for all my friends. My parents never said that we should not  have faith, but it was simply something that was not talked about in my household. I never knew what emotions to have when it got brought up in conversation with other people and up until this today there is still a lot of mixed emotions. A part of me has felt secluded because I did not have the church family that many of my friends had but then another part of me is thankful for the open mind I have towards many religions now. It is beautiful to see people talk about their faith and how it shapes the lives of many. I have seen a particular instance in regards of my eldest sister.

All throughout high school, Christianity was the only religion I was somewhat familiar with because it is what a majority of my friends believed in. Now that I am in college I have had the ability to explore many more religions and although I have met a majority of agnostic people on campus, a majority of my peers have grown up with a religious background. I am nine-teen years old and my eldest sister is thirteen years older than me. It was not until three years ago when she devoted her faith to Islam. I never would have guessed that this was the religious path she would take but I have developed so much respect for my sister and how devoted she is. Whenever I listen to her talk, I can feel the faith and passion she has for her religion and it truly inspires me; it has attracted peace to her life and to others. Everything she does in her life is shaped around her devotion to Islam and she lives her life driven with good intent. This gives me hope that after exploration I will be capable of creating a life similar to this and will have a strong sense of faith that implements long-lasting peace.

I have always pondered how my sibling, who grew up within the same household as me had found faith in a religion that was not commonly followed in our hometown. I recently spoke with her about how she found faith and she replied:

“I decided to read the Qur’an and knew it was the truth. You can’t really convert as you simply believe or do not believe. I’ve hopefully been a “Muslim” for 3 years, but it is up to God. You cannot simply call yourself Muslim, you must follow God’s plan and try to lead a good life.”


One thought on “A Religious Journey

  1. I love that you took the time to write about her. After taking this class, my perspective on many issues has changed. Before I realized it, my perspective of my own family had changed.I appreciate the differences, and I continue to learn from the. It really is a beautiful process. A struggle sometimes, but definitely worth it.

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