“Welcome Back Riders, How Was Your Ride?”

Are you an amusement park or water park fanatic? Do you love to travel? If you answered yes to both of these questions, this blog is for you. Here in America we have amusement parks like Cedar Point, Disney World, Hersheypark, Dells Water Park, Schlitterbahn Water Park, and Kings Island, but what about other parts of the world? Let’s take a look at some popular theme parks in the Middle East.

Wild Wadi

Located in the United Arab Emirates, Wild Wadi is a major attraction that is positioned right in front of the Burji Al Arab. Offering thirty rides and attractions, this water park is out of the park! The ride with the “most thrill” according to jumeriah.com is Jumeirah Sceirah, in which two guest’s race to the bottom of the 120 meters slides averaging speeds of 80 kilometers per hour. Other popular attractions include Burl Surj, Master Blasters, and Tantrum Alley.

(Jumeirah Sceirah)


Superland can be found in Tel Aviv, Israel. Along with the largest Ferris wheel in Israel, you will find Kumba, a rollercoaster that completes a 360 degree turn and a skate coaster at this theme park. Superland is super kid friendly too, offering kid coasters, paddle boats, and a carousel!

The Lost Paradise of Dilum

Join Delma and Delmo, the water parks two mascots, as you get soaked throughout Bahrain’s largest water park. The kids area has mini slides, fountains, a pool for children under the age of three, and a dancing fountain for kids of all ages. From a lazy river, to a wave pool, to a raft ride, The Lost Paradise of Dilum has everything you are looking for.

Ferrari World

            Looking for the faster roller coaster in the world? Look no more. Spotted in the United Arab Emirates, Formula Rossa will thrill any and all riders. This ride reaches a terminal velocity of 149 miles per hour in just four seconds. Four seconds! Other attractions at Ferrari World include; The Fiorano GT Challenge, a Karting Academy, and an interactive game show.

Formula Rossa

(Formula Rossa)


My first experience with roller coasters was rather pleasant and I never had a problem with any rides until my dad forced me to go on a huge coaster, looked at me right before it took off and said “There’s no turning back now” in order to freak me out (which it did), and then I got whip lash while on the ride so, I have avoided that particular ride ever since but it did not stop me from wanting to get that “heart in your stomach” feeling coasters and water slides always tend to give me. I have only ever been to Kings Island Amusement Park but would love to visit some of these intriguing amusement parks that are awaiting our arrival across the world. So put these theme parks on your bucket lists ladies and gentlemen, I know I will. Where will you go first?


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2 thoughts on ““Welcome Back Riders, How Was Your Ride?”

  1. Personally I would like to go to Ferrari World, considering I love roller coasters and the particular one reaching 149 mph in 4 seconds sounds thrilling and really cool. I have been to Kings Island, Cedar Point, and Disney World. Out of these three I enjoyed Cedar Point the most and have been there more than once. Their rides are very diverse and fulfill all the needs of thrill seekers. I found this blog interesting because it is simply a topic I never really thought of. When one thinks of the Middle East they don’t exactly think of amusement parks, and I liked this side of the ME. I wonder if the architecture and design of their rides differ greatly than the ones from the USA?

  2. I personally love roller coasters and have been to both Kings Island and Cedar Point. I would love to go to Wild Wadi. It seems like so much fun and I love the fact that they have some thrill rides. I don’t usually associate the Middle East with fun things such as amusement parks, but it’s great to see that there are things to do in the Middle East other than worry about all of the war and conflict.

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