I Shall Not Hate

“I shall not hate” is a book by Izzeldin Abuelaish that talks about his experience with the Israeli-Palestine conflict. He is an infertility doctor that travels back and forth from Israel, where he works, to Gaza, where he lives. He talks about the immense difficulties of crossing the border and how many times he was not trapped on either side and not allowed to cross. He had 8 children with his wife Nadia. Sadly, she passed away from cancer and only a couple short months afterwards he lost his 3 daughters and niece in a bombing.blog 7 The IDF invaded the Gaza strip for around 20 days. They bombed government building, places that they believed Hamas leaders and soldiers would be. The borders were shut so no one from either side could cross. His daughters and niece were heading to bed when a bomb hit their bedroom. 3 of his daughters and his niece were killed. Many of his family members were injured. After this he write the book “I Shall Not Hate” which is his idea of hope for the two sides.

His book surrounds the idea that with that Israel and Palestine can come to an agreement but they first have to stop hating one another. He believes only with acceptance and love can the two sides sit down and talk about a way to end the violence. In his book he states, “If I could know that my daughters were the last sacrifice on the road to peace between Palestinian and Israelis, then I would accept their loss”. The Global Leadership Program I am apart of had a mock UN trial. There were two students who represented different countries such as The United States, the UN, Lebanon, Hamas, Fatah, Egypt and Israel. blog7!We participated in this simulation for two days each lasting almost an hour long. By the second day, we still could not come to a conclusion. We were representing our perspective political entities and their views, so while we as a class could come to an agreement; our political entities that we represented could not.

Do you agree with Izzeldin Abuelaish? Do you think all we need to do as a society is to accept one another and that would lead to conversation between the two countries and in turn end the violence?blog7!! Or is the Israeli and Palestinian conflict more than how they view each other and more about the politics and power? If so, what is your recommendation for a solution to the conflict? Will it ever end?


One thought on “I Shall Not Hate

  1. The story of Izzeldin Abuelaish is truly moving. I think he as a person is proof that acceptance of others can lead to great things. First, he shows his acceptance as a Palestinian doctor working and providing care for Israeli citizens. It is amazing to me that he is not a bitter man and he does not take what happened to his family as a reason to stop trying to work with Israelis. Unfortunately, I feel as though if this had happened to another person they would not be able to forgive Israelis for what happened to his family.

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