Tying the Knot on The Nile: The Controversial Video

Marriage is supposed to be the joining of individuals who are deeply in love with each other. Common ties, interests, and the strength of passion they share for one another. Something that is currently a legal union between a man and a woman, but has unfortunately left the gay community continuing to battle for their right to not only be wed, but to be accepted across the world.

Once it’s on the internet.. 

After a video was released in September and quickly became viral, eight men are now going to be facing jail time after what the video contained. On what was argued to be a birthday party, two Egyptian men exchanged rings and a kiss while friends stood around and cheered. The video was filmed on the Nile River in April of this year, however, the 60 second clip can currently be seen across the world after its release two months ago. Not only has the media added to the controversy, but it has also heightened the argument of gay marriage being viewed as either an issue or a basic human right.

Since homosexuality is not illegal in Egypt, why would supporting or being in a gay marriage lead to imprisonment? Well, being a Muslim majority country, they do not think highly of the idea of gay marriage, and rather view it as a “taboo.” Due to this, it has left a lot of Muslims viewing this video offensively. The eight men were prosecuted under what was described as “violating public decency.” The prosecutor felt that it was disrespectful to the country, and was “shameful.”


“The verdict is the latest in a crackdown by authorities against gays and atheists. The campaign also targets liberal and pro-democracy activists and violators of a draconian law on street protests.”

This quote from a Huffington Post article exemplifies why the eight men are being convicted in such a way. Egyptian authorities believe that the people they are targeting need to be be punished for acting out in what they view as immoral, and not a proper representation of Egyptian people. They have not only prosecuted gays, but also recently human rights activists and students who have shown support for the gay community.

Get Up, Stand Up

With protests and outbreaks occurring shortly after the verdict was reached, one can’t help but be curious as to whether or not more will continue to erupt. This video will not stop acts of homosexuality from continuing, which makes me wonder if similar cases were to appear, how will they be handled? Will it lead gay marriage to be illegal? Or will it create a movement to give homosexuals the right to be wed?

After watching the clip myself, I feel as if it is a completely harmless video. It was filled with joy and celebration- nothing that should end in a jail sentencing. The one-minute video simply demonstrates the excitement of the two men’s future together, and was shared online for that reason. However, it is extremely important to respect and understand the way different cultures view topics that are very relevant to our lives. But, it is also equally important to realize that these prosecutions will not just stop homosexuals from seeking out marriage equality. They simply just want to have the right to be married; to create a legal unity with the person that they love.





One thought on “Tying the Knot on The Nile: The Controversial Video

  1. We wrote about the same topic and it’s interesting reading your point of view (although ours is pretty much the same)! Like you said, I don’t understand how they can prosecute eight men for homosexual acts when homosexuality is not even illegal! The LGBT community must be terrified that they will suffer the same fate, which is awful because no one should live their life in fear based on who they love.

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