The Slave Market

ISIS. This is a name we have all come to know while researching and learning about the Middle East. ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria but has become more recently known as ISIL, which stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. They are an extremist group that started as an al Qaeda splinter group that has been known for killing dozens of people by carrying out public executions, crucifixions, and other acts. They aim to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas in Iraq and Syria. This extremist group is known for using social media and the Internet to release videos of beheadings and recruitment videos. Within the last few months they have released two videos that have shown the decapitation of a U.S. journalist, Steven Sotloff, and British aid worker, Alan Henning.

More recently, a disturbing video shows members of the Islamic State joking about the sale of captured girls. In the video, bearded men discuss the prices of girls and explain that the amount of money depends on the girl’s appearance. One member even talks about how he would like a 15-year-old girl with green eyes. In the video many men ask, “Where is my Yazidi girl?” There have been around 7,000 Yazidi girls that have been kidnapped by ISIS. Many of these girls have been threatened and pressured to convert to Islam.


It is sickening and disturbing to think that ISIS is doing these types of things. To kidnap and barter young girls for their appearance is incredibly wrong. Many of these girls are taken away from their families and sold to whoever is the highest bidder. Once bought, the girls are subject to beating and the owners are free to do whatever they want with them. I am not sure how ISIS is getting away with this but it needs to stop. This is the harsh reality of an extremist group that is too powerful. I wonder if Iraq and Syria are trying to stop this from happening? When will other countries step in and stop this terror from happening?

Source: Huffington Post


One thought on “The Slave Market

  1. My heart aches when I hear stories like this one. It is a sad and harsh reality, but I am also unaware of the efforts of countries to solve this problem. Considering ISIS as a whole is probably the main goal of most opposing countries, even though ISIS causes specific problems that differ depending on location. However, I am proud to be an OU Bobcat considering that we have a strong “Ohio University End Slavery Movement” on campus. Hopefully more organizations will form like this one and continue to raise awareness and help end slavery. (Here is the group’s facebook page:

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