LSD and The Middle East

There are certain drugs in the United States that have become pretty popular, such as Marijuana, even though it is illegal. There are also drugs in the Middle East that have become a little bit of a problem. An example of that would be LSD. LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. It is a hallucinogen and causes a change in the way you sense the world around you.

LSD In The Middle East

In the past, people’s addiction of LSD was not considered a large problem in the Middle East. There were many conservative religious and political restrictions put on the people who resided in the Middle East. These restrictions led many people to drug use.

Because of recent events in the Middle East, many people have turned to illegal drug use. A drug that has become very popular is LSD. According to Al-Monitor, the Iraqi Minister of the Interior issued a statement in 2012 discussing the region wide problem of hallucinogenic drugs, such as LSD, stating that the drugs can cause users to commit crimes. LSD causes mind-changing effects that can cause users of LSD to hear and see things that aren’t real and that aren’t really there. People who use this drug often make bad decisions because of this mind-altering drug, which causes a poor mental state.

Why Do Middle Easterns Use LSD?

Drug addiction has become such a major problem in the Middle East due to some very drastic changes in recent years. Some examples of these countries are Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Afghanistan has been ranked first in the world for deaths by drug use. Yemen was ranked third.

Many of the countries involved in the vast drug problem are at war with other countries, and the civilians tend to suffer the consequences. Also, there have been high unemployment rates which causes unrest among the people, and causes many to turn to drugs to cope with their problems.

Many children and teens in Iraq say that they use drugs to cope with the violence that they have experienced in their lifetime. Taking these types of drugs temporarily allows these kids to forget about the loss of their family and loved ones, the war and violence, and bombings.

After researching this drug in the Middle East, I realize that it seems like their problem stems from something different than it does here in the United States. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “LSD and The Middle East

  1. I think that abusing LSD in any country is a bad idea. Although it does put into perspective that in the West these sorts of drugs tend to be used by people, which are searching for something, rather than to escape a conflict. It is interesting that in our parts of the world the time period of youthfulness and adolescence causes people to experiment with drugs. I wonder how secretive the people who participate in drug use have to be? Are the communities taking measures to prevent the spread of the drug? I wonder if the governments will implement some sort of “war on drugs” like Ronald Reagan’s cabinet did in the 80s.

  2. I agree that there is a different reasoning for taking LCD here in the US than in the Middle East. Here people do it for fun but I can imagine that LCD could serve as a relieving escape from the pains of the world many people in the ME endure everyday. I’m not condoning taking drugs as a way to cope with life, however, the statistics of high death in Afghanistan and Yemen don’t surprise me.

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