Brave the Cave

Majlis Al Jinn

Deep, deep in the land of Oman lies a cave. A cave that is home to mysteries, stories, legends, and myths. A cave that is home to many spirits yet is only one single chamber. The name of this cave is Majlis Al Jinn which actually means “Meeting Place of the Spirits.” Majlis Al Jinn, discovered in 1983, is an incredible site that has been recognized as one of the top ten largest caves in the world according to This cave is 394 feet, or 120 meters tall, which is the equivalent to the third largest statue in the world (Ushiku Daibutsu in Japan.) There are three ways in which an individual can enter Majlis Al Jinn. The entrances are the Khoshilat Magandeli, or “First Drop”, the Khoshilat Beya Al Hiyoo or “The Asterisk,” or travelers can use the Khoshilat Mingod entrance which is known as the “Cheryl’s Drop” because Cheryl and Don Davidson were the first individuals to discover the cave in June of 1983. With the maximum temperatures of only 62-64 degrees Fahrenheit, Majlis Al Jinn is 340 meters long and 228 meters wide once inside. Can you imagine?


So what? It is just another cave…

Just another cave? JUST ANOTHER CAVE? Let me stop you right there. This cave has a story, a legend. Legend has it, a woman named Selma used to reside in Majlis Al Jinn. A one-eyed genie named Jinn was beyond furious with Selma one day and fired three lightning bolts at Selma but due to the fact that Jinn only had one eye, the genie’s aim was not up to par to say the least and instead of hitting Selma, the lightning fractured the Earth and created what we now know to be three entrances of Majlis Al Jinn.


So what? There is a legend for everything this days…

You want more? Did you know people have actually base jumped from Majlis Al Jinn? In case you do not know what Base Jumping is, it is an extreme sport in which jumpers wear a parachute and sometimes a wingsuit before leaping off a cliff, bridge, or building. The name Base Jumping actually stands for buildings, antennas, spans, and earth, the four jumps that are used by base jumpers. Click here to watch some extreme base jumpers base jump into Majlis Al Jinn. Would you be brave enough?


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One thought on “Brave the Cave

  1. One of my favorite things to learn about the Middle East is the different places to visit, especially one’s like these that aren’t as well known. The legend behind this is really interesting and slightly similar to a cave near my parent’s house which possessively was home to an old man for several years until he passed away, hence the name Old Man’s Cave. I actually think I would be pretty nervous to travel here because anything that has to do with spirits or ghosts detures me pretty quickly, but if I was with a large group of people I would love to see it!

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