The Evolution of Human Beings

This photo is kind of cliche, but it does represent the human being’s evolution. The first 3 illustrations are controversial, because some people believe that human beings were monkeys and others totally disagree with that and they believe that human beings were human beings ever since the existence of humanity. I’m not going to go through this; I’ll just focus on the last illustration which represents the modern human being. The 4th illustration all through the last one make perfect sense in which the gradual development finally led to industrialization, scientific knowledge, technology, a new world order and a new tempo of life which are supposedly positive things but their outcome is obviously negative. The modern human being is more like a computerized human being than a real one.


6 thoughts on “The Evolution of Human Beings

  1. The modernized human being is scary. How much we live off our phones is frightening and it takes away from in person conversations. I recently had to go a summer without cell phone service, internet, and television when I moved back home and was working full time and the transition was difficult but the outcome was beautiful. I was doing things because I wanted to do them not because I wanted to share it with the world. My conversations with people enhanced because I wasn’t checking my phone the whole time and I wasn’t following other peoples lives but more so just enhancing my own.

  2. In regards to Devon’s above comment, living without the technological advantages that we humans have been graced with allowed me to live, and live the way I wanted to . I had no connections to the people I usually surround myself with, and I also did not have their influence is well. While I think having strong relationships with your peers is highly important to live a healthy life, I have noticed that most human beings just do not know how to draw the line. Check your phone and check your computer, but I would say 20 times within an hour is a bit much.

  3. I recognize this picture speaks for itself, but I would have liked to read more about your opinions.
    You say that the “gradual development finally led to industrialization, scientific knowledge, technology, a new world order and a new tempo of life which are supposedly positive things but their outcome is obviously negative”

    Its not so obvious to everyone.

    Consider this: Its easy to despise capitalism if we remember the catastrophes it has caused. Environmentally, with big corporations draining their radioactive byproducts into rivers used for drinking water because it is more profitable.) Culturally, as well: Industrialization and competition in the global corrupted whole ways of life. Throughout history people have been told to shirk their history, ancestry and lifestyles (often deemed barbaric, backwards) for the forwardness of the industrialized nation. As an aspiring linguist, I lament of all the languages lost as people were forced to learn English in the name of money, essentially.

    But even through all that, people would argue that this development is necessary in the name of cleaner hospitals, better schools, safer streets and construction scaffolding.. And they want English in their schools because it means more opportunity.

    I agree that the modernized, computerized human being is ugly.

    But NOT because he is computer.

    In fact, I believe humans are already fleshy computers– with hardware (brain, body) equipped to take on software (information systems) learned throughout lifetime. Through my studies in Lingustics I have realized the human brain and its language code act a lot like computer, we are trained to use a series of memorized processes that follow patterns and rules until it becomes unconscious, and once it becomes automatic, we have freed up CPU processing memory. That’s why learning a new language takes up a lot of mental energy and then after training it becomes more automatic, to the point of dreaming in the language. I also read once really are like batteries, and diet balance should focus on Ph, the most efficiently running human has 70% alkaline 30% acidity in order for optimum flow in charged Ions.

    I digress. So yeah– I agree that the modernized, computerized human being is ugly not because he is a computer (see above) but because he is ~~~~~completely distracted, and perpetually dissatisfied.~~~~~~~~~ If you observe a human looking at their phone and partaking in conversation you might notice that he’s doing neither with full potential… Ugh.. I hate how dependent all the people around me are on their screens for social interaction and for diversion. It sickens me. And I hate to see how fast people attention wavers as a result of excessive cellular, computer, and TV usage.

  4. This is a very powerful image. It’s interesting to see how humans have gradually become more and more dependent on technology. My Grandma recently got a computer and cell phone, and it is so challenging to teach her how to use them because to us it’s just common sense. Helping her makes me realize just how much we have turned to technology. In a way, it’s sad. We’ve gained all of these new forms of communication through technology, yet our person to person communication has started lacking. We’re so used to talking to so many people through one screen that we don’t really know how to communicate and understand individuals.

  5. It is crazy how the world has changed and how modernized humans have become. It’s a little sad that our society relies so heavily on technology. People are always checking their phones will carrying on a conversation. It seems we are always multitasking when we shouldn’t be. It is also amazing that people are coming up with new technology because not all of it is bad. Most of it is incredibly useful.

  6. Considering the fact that we need to technology in our lives, I wonder, what are some ways we can stop it from consuming our everyday conversations? I believe it’s very important in communication but it takes so much depth away from face-face conversations as well which is a scary thought to me.

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