Coffee Shop Bucket list

As a student at Ohio University, I have personally spent the past year exploring various places on campus where I am able to sit down and relax. Having a work friendly environment is only an added bonus.  For me, the place that contains all of these elements is Donkey Coffee.


Anyone who has had the opportunity to indulge themselves in the unique setting of this coffee shop can most likely agree that the experience is one to remember. The moment you enter the locale, you are welcomed by the warm atmosphere. A strong aroma of fresh coffee beans slowly drifts around you, while the sound of friendly chit chat fills your ears. A gentle wave of music can be heard throughout the café, providing you with a sense of ease and serenity. Throughout the week, different forms of live entertainment are open for the public to enjoy. Not only is the climate comfortable, but the products are of fair trade, and locally embraced.

Coffee shops in the Middle East

Coffee shops make up a large portion of business practices in the Middle East, and are slowly transforming into westernized dining experiences. Bars and pubs are becoming a less common source of interaction, while coffee shops are slowly making their way up the chain. Shops are feeding off of these consumers, and are finding ways to give them exactly what they are wanting, which are upscale evening venues. Although a transformation is taking place for many businesses, they are finding ways to merge old styles with the new, to create an experience entirely its own.

Fishawi’s Café


Located among-st the streets of Khan el-khalili, lies one of Cairo’s oldest coffeehouses. While Fishawi’s café has been well known for many years, it is treated as a tourist destination and sight to see by many people today. The variety of Hookah flavors that are offered in this riveting shop only add to its charm.


Lilush Panini

If you are searching for a fulfilling breakfast in a homey neighborhood, Lilush Panini is the place to go. This dainty café located in the second most populated city in Israel, Tel Aviv, is known for its extensive menu of Panini’s, pastas, and salads. Guest are provided with outstanding service, while being able to lounge and enjoy the cities offerings. While many prefer their breakfast menu, lunch is the ideal option because of the discounted prices and smaller crowds.

interior                                            60ca5643039d42464a122eca6a24994b

II Caffe di Roma


Located in the heart of Dubai is the Caffe di Roma. This Italian inspired coffeehouse is more modern styled and provides the highest quality of food and drinks. It has been described as the “elegance of tradition, combined with the drive towards innovation.” You can receive two different types of service in the café. Although most choose the traditional seating, a bar option is available as well. If you are a fan of espresso products and people watching, this would be your go to place.


 The Singer café


In the Bethlehem area of Palestine, lies one of the coziest cafes in the proximity. The shop is run by a Palestinian Dutch couple, who decided to create an interesting theme based on old sewing machines. High ceilings and stone architecture give the layout a unique, yet familiar feel. The café is friendly to people of all ages. There are many individualized rooms consisting of a library and a child’s area. The whole site is light, breezy, and open which gives it a slight vintage touch. The modest atmosphere, and yearly perfected drinks are what give this place its title as the number one café in the area.

singer-cafe (1)

While all of these joints provide consumer satisfying products and services, they are each exclusively distinct from one another. Which one appeals to you the most?



3 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Bucket list

  1. I would love to go to any of these places. Coffee is my favorite drink and the only way I can start my day (even if I wake up at 2pm.) When I was in Turkey I never went to a coffee shop but every shop I went to offered me a cup of coffee or tea which I loved because who in their right mind would say no to that? My favorite coffee shops are small and have indoor and outdoor seating with a uniqueness to it.

  2. Really interesting post! As a coffee lover myself I would love to one day travel and explore these different coffee shops and try the different coffee that they have. The singer cafe just looks so cozy, I think I would most like to visit there. I have heard before that coffee from different parts of the world can be very different, and I hope to one day try them.

  3. I’m sitting in a coffee shop as I read your post (very appropriate, I know). I start every morning with a cup of coffee, and I love finding new coffee shops to experience the different culture in each one. Coffee is an experience for me, so it’s interesting to see the different experiences inside various coffee shops in the Middle East. As I sit in Court Street Coffee, I wish I was sitting in any of the coffee shops you listed above. Since it’s getting close to lunch, I’d have to choose Lilush Panini. Their food options sound fantastic!

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