One Word: EPIC

Epic (adjective): very great or large and usually difficult or impressive. It is a word used to describe something that has the potential to blow or alter ones mind. While according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary this definition stands fairly accurate, words will always obtain different meanings to different people.

“Epic” is the name of an organization in which promotes peace in Iraq, called The Education for Peace in Iraq Center. It is an independent organization with the goal of creating a “more peaceful, sustainable, democratic society in Iraq.” EPIC has been based out of Washing D.C. after establishing itself in the late 1990s.


The organization consists of three different groups: research, youth empowerment and education. The group members range from aid workers, to ordinary Americans who want to make an impact for those across the pond. The interesting part about EPIC is that one does not have to physically go to Iraq to become involved. Through internships, advocating and research, one can contribute to EPIC and stay in the states.

Youth programs and partnerships allow the organization to connect and direct children who have lost loved ones, homes, or even sight of their dreams. EPIC acknowledges the idea of children in Iraq being lost in society; that this generation is being pushed behind. They want to empower these children to create a brighter future for themselves, and make it known that they will never be forgotten. EPIC wants to take the current issues being faced by Iraqi’s into another direction, and show the possibility of life once the violence and wars diminish. People tend to lose sight of what life could be, hence why EPIC’s involvement is so important.


A current project of EPIC that was launched in the Spring of 2014 is called “PhotoVoice: Iraq.” PhotoVoice is a photo campaign consisting of everyday images of Iraqi people. The goals of this project range from showing how children are being affected by the tragedies, to pushing for a positive change for Iraqi lives. Through these photos, EPIC wants to raise awareness of how drastically Iraqi’s have been changing over the past few years and how badly peace needs to be brought to this country.

The images PhotoVoice intends on using will empower individuals to seek change for those who are not fortunate enough to live a safe and free lifestyle as their own. This project will be extremely powerful once it starts to gain a larger audience and a more diverse photographs, alongside personal stories. People will be able to find their photographs more powerful than briefly hearing about similar events mentioned on the news. Images tend to capture ones attention much quicker than an article or news headline. Sometimes what we read is not nearly as powerful as the images we see/go along with the story

Although, it may have a different meaning behind it, EPIC can truly be defined as something “very great and impressive.” The organization is incredibly important because it allows people to be involved with help make an impact in another country without physically going there. Doing work such as research or advocating for signatures, such as the successful “Put Iraq Back on the Agenda” petition EPIC started in 2013, have lead to huge steps forward. Not only is the organization important in aiding, but also it has the potential to build strong relationships amongst Americans and Iraqis.


7 thoughts on “One Word: EPIC

  1. I had never heard of this organization before, and I’m so glad that you wrote this article! I think this program has the potential to make a huge impact in Iraq. It could definitely be “epic,” that’s for sure- and it’s such a great way for Americans to get involved with bettering the global community. I’m actually going to do some research on this myself, because I’m really interested!

  2. Like Emma, I had never heard of this organization before reading your blog and I think it is definitely something that has potential to positively impact Iraq. I came to Ohio University as a declared photojournalism major in hopes that my future photographs would bring awareness and change. Although I am no longer following this path, I do believe photographs have the power to affect and motivate individuals. I love the idea of this organization and I think it could help people understand the reality in Iraq. I think this organization has potential because it gives people the opportunity to make a global difference who are not actually capable of helping first hand.

  3. This is an amazing organization, and I am really glad to hear that something like this has been implemented. I think we can take it upon ourselves to try and spread awareness about all of the good they are doing. One of my past blogs was focused on the school systems in the Middle East, and how children are constantly being moved from school to school. I wondered about the emotional support they were receiving, if any, so I am glad to know steps are being taken to give people hope during rough times. Slowly but surely.

  4. Wow, what an awesome organization. I love knowing that these types of organizations are out there and helping these children lead a better lifestyle. Youths are so important to every society and it is important that they have the support from organizations like EPIC. The use of multimedia is also a great way to get noticed and I think that this campaign will have a big impact.

  5. I’ve never heard of this organization before! Their new campaign “PhotoVoice: Iraq” is very interesting to me. I would love to actually do a case study on this campaign and see the tactics they are using to implement it. I can’t wait to see where this campaign goes!

  6. Photos for the win! I really want to follow this now. There really is nothing more powerful sometimes than a well took picture of something that blows your mind or makes you want to cry

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