Circus in Town

Circus in Town

In light of the newest season of American Horror Story which involves a circus more or less a “freak show” as it is frequently called throughout the show. Lebanon aims to gain tourism by launching a new curcis called Circo International in the city of Karantina. Although some safety concerns have been raised.

Karantina Lebanon most commonly known for the The Karantina massacre which took place early on in the Lebanese Civil War on January 18, 1976. Resulting in the deaths of approximately 1,000-1,500 people, mostly Muslims. Is currently under construction in perpetration for the opening night of Circo International which is set to take place on October 25th Wednesday and continue through Sunday. The show will feature acrobats, clowns, contortionists and a ringmaster but, the real stars of the show are four full grown tigers. Tickets cost between LL25,000 and LL75,000 which translates to be between $16.50- $49.50 US dollars which I believe to be a very fair price.

“It is initiatives like this that carry the success of tourism in the country” Tourism Minister Michel Pharaon. Although safety concerns have been raised for foreign trainers and audiences alike. “As a foreigner I was told that I was crazy for coming to Lebanon because it was too dangerous” tiger trainer Terry Antonios told The Daily Star. However, after assurances from locals, Antonios said it became clear that it wouldn’t become a problem. Speaking about his expectations for the tiger show, the trainer said that audiences could look forward to “good-looking happy animals that will thrill them.”

I am all about a good show, while I am slightly terrified of clowns after watching the first two episodes of the newest season of American Horror Story (AHS), the Atlantic Circus sounds like it’s going to be a real hit. Although I do believe that safety should not be a huge concern to foreigners I do wonder what kind or if any precautionary procedures will be implemented to insure the safety of the foreign trainers and audiences. I would hate to see such a light hearted event go terribly wrong. But as they say in show biz the show must go on! ​


6 thoughts on “Circus in Town

  1. Just like you – I too was absolutely terrified of the clown in this seasons American Horror Story. I think that this act could be something positive for the community and change views of what Karantina has gone through. Sure, a massacre took place there almost thirty years ago-but that does not have to be the label that is put on this community. It’s nice to have tourist attractions-and a circus with four tigers as their main performers sounds quite entertaining and something I would like to see for myself. As far as precautions for safety between foreign trainers and audiences go, I’d have to say that they just have to do their best dealing with these wild animals because in the end they are unpredictable. If we didn’t take chances though then why is life worth living? I say give them a show and hope that the best comes out of it.

  2. I love that you incorporated American Horror Story into this blog! I love it. I think that opening this type of event could help create some more fun in their country. By having acrobats, tigers, and contortionists it will be entertaining and bring more people to see the show. Yes they are taking a chance but I think the outcome will be good!

  3. Interesting read. As someone who has always naturally had an aversion to the caging of animals for the enjoyment of people this post raised some thoughts I hadn’t considered before. Any kind of wild animal is dangerously unpredictable and anytime I’d be around one I would be aware of that. I’d also I imagine many circus acts with wild animals in less developed countries than mine would be more hazardous to be apart of – and if I felt uncomfortable with it here I would probably feel more so elsewhere. But then again if you’re living or visiting in a different country that’s the time in your life to live outside of yourself and what you would normally do, so who knows.

  4. Interesting post! I’ve never been a big circus fan (although I’m loving this season of AHS!), but I think that something positive for Karantina is certainly a good thing. I had an interesting experience with a circus myself this summer while I was in Cartagena, Colombia. A Mexican circus was traveling around South America and happened to be in town while I was there. It was so interesting to see how cultural differences translated into a circus performance. I would be interested to know how this manifests itself in a Middle Eastern circus. It was a fascinating show, although I admit that their safety and animal care standards probably weren’t up to the best standards. It would also be interesting to look at that side of things in Lebanon as well!

  5. Although I don’t watch American Horror Story, all of my friends do and I can’t help but hear everything that goes on in it! The circus has always been intriguing to me and I love the fact that Lebanon is creating their own circus. A problem that is occuring all over the world is animal treatment in these circuses. I can only hope that this is not happening in Lebanon as well. I am excited the animal trainers are taking a chance and doing this show! I can’t wait to see what happens!

  6. Wow I would totally go to this circus! Sounds awesome. I wonder what language they announce and do the show in! If it is international I was thinking maybe English but who knows maybe they will stick to Arabic.Cool cultural and business like blog!

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