Recently, in Isfahan, Iran men threw acid on women with “bad hijab”.


The hijab is a veil that covers a Muslim woman’s head, chest, and hair. After the 1979 Revolution in Iran, it became mandatory that women must wear a hijab in public. Recently, some women have been defying hijab regulations by allowing hair to show, using colorful scarves, and wearing make-up and tighter fit clothing. Although Iranian police warn women with “bad hijab”, many Islam conservatives have called for stricter measures on monitoring hijabs. “Bad hijab” simply refers to any hijab that is considered not modest enough.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.33.36 AMUH-OH MOMENT

This past Sunday, Iranian Parliament passed a law that allows citizens to give verbal or written statements to women with “bad hijab”. Last Thursday, October 16, a few vigilantes decided to address “bad hijab” by throwing acid on women they believed were not properly covered. Since then, there have been four confirmed cases, however, social media suggests that at least ten women have been affected by these brutal attacks. Is there a correlation between the law passed on Sunday and these attacks?


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.48.33 AM

Men on motorcycles attacked the young women while they were in their cars.

Soheila Jorkesha was pulled over on the side of the road making a phone call when men on motorcycles rode past and flung acid through her open window. She is now blind in her right eye, has damage to her left eye, and is severely burned on her forehead, hands, and legs. (To the right)

Another women, Maryam was driving with her window down when men doused her with acid through her open car window. She also has experienced burns on her face, hands, and body.

If these attacks were based on “bad hijab”, how did the attackers see their victims hijab if they just drove past them on a motorcycle?


According to Deputy Interior Minister Morteza Mirbaheri, three to four suspects were arrested on Monday. I wonder how Iranian police identified these men as the culprits? Speculation suggests that these attacks are due to “bad hijab”, but Iranian police and officials strongly oppose this. They do not believe there is a correlation between the two. I wonder if this is to protect them against backlash on the law that was just passed on Sunday. Since the attacks have begun, other theories explaining these violent acts have surfaced. Some believe this is a new violent campaign in support of those with “bad hijab”. Others like Abbas-Ali Mansouri, a member of Iranian parliament’s national security committee believe,

“’Foreign and Zionist intelligence agencies’ were aiding those carrying out the attacks in order to distort Islam’s image worldwide”.


Will justice truly be served to the men arrested? Iran judiciaries are aiming for the most severe punishment for these despicable men (death penalty). However, why did it take such terrible acts against women and their hijabs for women injustices to be recognized?


Many young women are fearful they will be next.

Twenty-two year Niloofar Abdolhasani admits,

“I wear a face mask when I go on the streets”.

And nineteen year old Morvarid Moshtahgain illustrates her fear in this chilling quote,

“Now when I go on the streets my body aches of fear, and when I hear a motorcycle approaching I grab my bag so I can be ready to at least protect my face”




  1. Wow this post really shocked me and I am so repulsed that something like this is happening to women. Even if this happene to men I would feel the same repulsion just because this type of act is incredibly in humane and disgusting. I can’t believe anyone could see this as justifiable and the fear created by this is not okay. Women, or any human being, should not have to be fearful of walking in public due to the possibility of acid getting thrown on you. It is somewhat helpful to know that the police are taking action and have possible culprits, but it this “trend” is already out and there is still a chance people will continue it.

  2. This is a terrible crime but the death penalty seems to be a very harsh punishment. They deserve the worst and I suppose that’s a way to put an end to the acid throwing fairly quickly but I personally believe the death penalty should be reserved for murderers and rapists. Do you know how they carry out the death penalty?

  3. This is absolutely horrifying. I wonder if this happens (or similar attacks) in other Middle Eastern countries besides Iran.

  4. Wow I totally did not hear about the “bad hijab” act in Parliament. This is terrible and really a shame.My heart goes out to the women who have been victimized and blinded by ignorant men. I hope that we see some grassroots protest or movement in Iran from the women. Women need to stand together to stop this sick-twisted misogynistic movement.

  5. I saw an article about this online and am so glad you chose to blog about it. It is absolutely sickening what these men have done. I agree with Alena, in that hoping some sort of movement results of these disgusting acts.

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