Can White House Protests Bring Peace?

Recently I traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in a National Conference. While I was there, we made it a point to visit the monuments. One of our first stops was the White House.

While we were there, peaceful Palestinian protesters gathered outside of the White House with candles and signs. I could not read the signs, but they said 1700. When I went to research this I couldn’t find a whole lot of information, but it made me curious. Are there a lot of protests that go on in front of the White House in regards to the subject of Israel and Palestine?

On August 2, 2014, there was a demonstration outside of the White House to end the violence in the Gaza Strip. Thousands of people showed up including buses from Ohio. Protesters brought their children and families to join in. Many people showed up not in support of either Israel or Palestine, but for peace. I think this is what is missing from the media right now. It is not about picking a side or standing with either Israel or Palestine, but about promoting peace in the area without having one side or the other take too much or too little.

I made that sound so much easier than it is, but isn’t that the main thing that the world would like to see in that area? Isn’t that what both the Israelis and Palestinians want? Why are they and those who want to intervene finding it so hard to come to a peace negotiation? Yes, of course I understand that there is history behind this situation and have been studying it since the beginning of the school year with the rest of the GLC.

Washington, D.C. has created a Foundation for Middle East Peace that was established in 1979 by Merle Thorpe, Jr. Their platform is to create a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that brings peace and security to both peoples. But are they really doing that? Is that their real motive or are they just pushing to side with either Israel or Palestine?

Is it the job of the United Nations to intervene on the matter or should the world watch as terrible things continue to happen in that area? Should the United States take a hands off approach to this or should we try to be more involved and possibly create more of a problem for our country? Can Obama handle the situation if he does decide to get involved especially with the current Ebola outbreak?

These are all questions that have been running through my mind as we have watched the Israel/Palestine conflict play out over the past few centuries. I want to know what you think and what your opinion is and ultimately answer the question of: are the White House protests actually helping or are they detrimental to peace in the Middle East?



One thought on “Can White House Protests Bring Peace?

  1. Although I may not know the right answer to your question I believe that a group of protesters can raise awareness, however, it does not directly solve the problem in all cases. I am the type of person who talks for peace all the time and I constantly fathom the solution. In an ideal world everyone would just get along but it seems that all the other political, religious and social factors shape the realistic world we live in that makes peace an easy concept to grasp yet difficult to achieve.

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