Refugees in the Middle East

Throughout the Middle East refugees are fleeing for their lives to avoid persecution in their home countries. There are some organizations in place to assist refugees, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). However, these organizations are very limited in resources, and therefore are not able to save all refugees.

unhcr-logoUNHCR is a huge organization that focuses on removing refugees from harm, and placing them into a society they can assimilate into. They are able to provide transportation, resources, and humanitarian work for these refugees. However, with only around $8,600 workers in this organization, it is impossible for them to save the millions and millions of refugees that exist in the world. In Syria alone, nearly 80% of the approximate 8.7 million Syrians need humanitarian help. Not only that, but Syria is in a civil war, which further complicates the situation because the war has caused Syria to be in a fragile and unstable state.

Due to the necessity of aid in the Middle East and the low supply of resources, the Middle East is experiencing a refugee crisis. All countries are affected in one way or another. Some countries and regions, like Syria and Palestine, have experienced displacement of refugees, whereas other Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon and Jordan have become a destination for these refugees. As conflicts intensify, so does the need for refugees to find an asylum. For instance, ISIS continues to gain control over regions in Iraq and Syria. Therefore, as this powerful and violent terrorist organization gains more influence in these regions, many families and Iraqi soldiers are looking for refuge elsewhere. Can you blame these refugees for being scared of ISIS? ISIS seems to have no limits when it comes to torturing; therefore running for an asylum seems like the best option!

boat-immigrants_999207b   Since refugee organizations are not able to save everyone, some refugees have resorted to human trafficking and smuggling as means to travel to their desired destinations. However, this type of travel leads to harsh living conditions and sometimes death. In this year alone over three thousand migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean Sea, in an attempt to reach Europe. Approximately 75%, or rather, three thousand out of the four thousand migrant deaths in 2014 occurred while crossing the Mediterranean Sea. While some shipwrecks have been caused by natural disasters and weather, human traffickers have caused the rest. One of the most horrific shipwrecks in Mediterranean history is a shipwreck in which five hundred refugees were purposely sunk by traffickers, killing adults and children. Even though there are a lot of risks and negative consequences of human trafficking and smuggling, do refugees have any other means of crossing the borders?


2 thoughts on “Refugees in the Middle East

  1. Wow, I wasn’t fully aware of how many refugees are dying and in need over int he Middle East. That’s great that the UN is providing some sort of program to help them but you always hear about how they lack resources, as you mentioned, and yet they still can’t get enough funding to accommodate everyone in need. The fact that these people are so desperate to escape their homeland that they resort to human trafficking speaks volumes to the fear and danger they all face if they stay. I hope more is being done to help them.

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