Booze and Breakfast

Homecoming at Ohio University is an event that takes place every fall. The campus lights up with school spirit and festivities allowing everyone to showcase their love for the school. As an OU student, it is almost considered a part of our culture to join in on some sort of activity during Homecoming weekend. The parade, dinners, events, and parties all lure alumni’s back into Athens and keep us present Bobcats going. One event in particular referred to as, “Kegs and Eggs,” is a favorite amongst alumni and present Bobcats alike.


“Kegs and Eggs”

At the dawn of Saturday morning, it is a tradition for students to stroll onto Court Street wearing last nights clothing to continue the celebration. The bars open up much earlier than usual, allowing past and present Bobcats to celebrate their school pride over some beer and breakfast. While waking up at 7 am during the school week is a drag for college students, when the bars open at 7 am, everyone knows where Bobcats will be.


While OU tends to do events big, one weekly event in Dubai may have us beat!

In the beautiful country of Dubai, weekly extravagant brunches are held every Friday in certain bars across the country. Friday is not only the holiest day of the week, but also the start of the week for Muslims. What better way to start it off than with a party? As the sun starts to rise and the streets grow crowded, people begin to dance and socialize all around the bars throwing cocktails every which way.

Drinking alcohol in the UAE, brunch

These brunches are accompanied by fine dining food options consisting of an array of seafood and other high class dishes- much more elegant compared to the eggs Athens bars dish out to our Bobcats. However, what is particualrly unique about these brunches is that they provide guests with an unlimited amount of alcohol, hence why they are often referred to as “drunches,” drunk brunches. Unlimited amount of alcohol, who wouldn’t want to attend one of these events at least a few times a year?!

As with any event involving an excessive amount of alcohol comes a high probability of accidents and injuries. Some hotels have been advised to stop serving alcohol midday, to allow the sobering up of drunch attendees to make a safer environment for all. Taking guests car keys is another precaution hotels have began taking to prevent accidents.

So, Bobcats, if your heart aches to travel just as much as much as your wallet screams for unlimited alcohol, attending a drunch in Dubai could be added to your bucket list.,31489,1849667_1849594_1849133,00.html


One thought on “Booze and Breakfast

  1. This is so awesome! I’ve never heard of anything like this before. OU’s homecoming is pretty crazy, but this definitely seems even better. This would definitely be a really neat travel destination.

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